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Let's Talk About Talk, Vodi's Debut Album

"If Fleetwood Mac produced a soundtrack to Stranger Things, it would sound a whole lot like local Houston band Vodi’s debut album."

By Laura Furr Mericas November 22, 2017

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Vodi Ban members Tom Lynch, Haley Lynch, David Lascoe, Austin Sepulvado, E. Marshall Graves and  Tank Lisenbe. 

Image: Lauren Marek

If Fleetwood Mac produced a soundtrack to Stranger Things, it would sound a whole lot like local Houston band Vodi’s debut album, Talk. Released earlier this month, the '80s-inspired record showcases husband-and-wife duo Tom and Haley Lynch’s undeniable chemistry and swoon-worthy harmonies.

Both seasoned in Texas’ music scene (Haley also moonlights as folk princess Dollie Barnes and Tom has been around the block a time or two), the songs on Talk helped bring the two together romantically and musically, allowing the band to produce the ethereal nine-track album without complaints. We talked with the pair about the band’s beginnings and where they’re heading next.

How did Vodi come to be?

Haley: Tommy and I had met in the summer of 2015. September rolled around and he contacted me about coming and singing some songs he was working on. Basically, he said we would write the songs in the studio and make it up there on the spot. I was kind of interested in him at the time, and I was like, “Sure, I’ll come sing.” It was me, Tommy and Tank, our drummer.  A few months passed and Tommy and I got together… 

Tom: More like a week passed...

Haley: Okay, about a week passed, and Tommy and I were together (laughs), and we brought in some other folks and formed Vodi. I think our first official show under the name Vodi was two years ago in December.

What is it like working so closely with your husband/wife?

Tom: The biggest part is the ability to be each other’s cheerleader in the same respective job. That makes it a lot of fun. It’s so easy to get down on yourself as any kind of musician or artist without having somebody to cheer you on.

Haley: It’s nice that we both understand whatever emotion is going on in the song that you are trying to put out. It’s really nice that we are able to understand each other creatively and help each other out that way.

Tom: It helps that we’re both really good too. If we both sucked, it would be really hard to cheer each other on.

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The cover of Vodi's debut album, Talk, is a total throwback. 

Image: Lauren Marek

How did the process of producing the debut album go?

Tom: So, it was the first album for Vodi, but it was with a bunch of people who have been in the studio a bunch before, so it didn't feel like a freshman record really. We played the songs for about a-year-a-half before we finished the record, and we knocked it out in two separate weeks. I have zero complaints about how everything went and the product we got. 

What lessons did you bring from past experiences to this record?

Tom: For me, I have rules. I don’t let anybody who’s not in the band or not someone I know really well into the studio while we're recording because it is really easy to get off track. The studio for me is about momentum. Once you get a good momentum going you don’t want to break it. I like to move fast and keep it a tight-knit family and keep everyone in a good mood.

Haley: Also not taking anything seriously. Sometimes, singing background harmonies,  I feel like I have this one idea in my mind. Sometimes it’s hard to back down, but you have to learn to not let your pride get in the way of taking care of the music first. You have to do it for the good of the music, not for your own personal gain.  

Do y’all have favorite songs on the new record?

Tom: How about what we think each other’s is? I know for sure Haley’s is “First Time,” because every time it comes on she says, “this is my favorite song!”

Haley: I think his is “Gold.”

Tom: It is “Gold.” “Talk” is a close second, and it’s the single for a reason, but “Gold” is my favorite. I just love the sounds that we got on Gold. I love the melody, I love the lyrics and I love the epic ending. When we finished that song I was like, “I do a lot of this, but I’m really proud of that one.”

Haley: For me, “First Time,” I like it because it reminds me of a really cool Fleetwood Mac soft jam. It seems like a personal intimate kind of song. I enjoy the soft whispery-ness of it.

What’s on the horizon for Vodi?

Tom: It’s all potential stuff right now. We may be doing a West Coast run, and another guy has talked about booking us in Mexico, and we have the Christmas song coming out with a video and two more music videos coming out, as well. There is a bunch of stuff in flux at the moment. I personally want to hit up a bunch of festivals next year. That would be a lot of fun.

Vodi’s Christmas song and 1980s-inspired video, titled “This Is the Best Christmas,” will be released November 28. Click here to learn more about the band.  

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