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Our 10 Most Popular Arts & Culture Stories of 2017

Y'all really enjoyed the Super Bowl, huh?

By Morgan Kinney December 29, 2017

From this list of most-viewed 2017 arts & culture stories, you'll see we had a rodeo (as always) and hosted a Super Bowl (slightly less common). Podcasts are popular, and everybody loves street art, apparently. But it's also clear Houston will not put up with racism, cultural appropriation, or anyone saying Galveston is part of East Texas. 

Consider this your last chance to read up on any stories you might have missed before we launch into yet another insane year of Houston happenings.

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1. Every Super Bowl Party in Houston You Need to Know About

Remember January 2017? When we had a different president and an entire issue of Houstonia dedicated to the Super Bowl? No? Maybe you partied too hard using this list.

2. Hamilton Comes to Houston!

"Houstonians are not throwing away their shot at seeing the revolutionary musical, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s cultural phenomenon that has swept the world since 2015."


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3. Houston’s Top 10 Instagrammable Spots for the Summer

Honestly, this list is valid for summer, fall, winter, or spring.

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4. The 2017 Houston Rodeo Lineup is Here!

"From classic to contemporary country crooners, like Willie Nelson and Florida Georgia Line, to pop and R&B artists, like Meghan Trainor and Alicia Keys, there’s something for everyone at the three-week spectacle."

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5. 5 True Crime Podcasts to Kill Time While Traveling this Summer

"Since there are so many choices these days, here are Houstonia’s picks for podcasts to kill time this summer. The genre? True crime, naturally."

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Image: Marco Torres

6. How Street Art Took Over Houston

"Today, you can’t throw a rock in Houston without hitting a piece of commissioned street art as the city embraces the once-illegal art form. Here’s how the transition happened."

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Image: Todd Spoth

7. Free Press Summer Fest is No More

"Pegstar announced the In Bloom Music Festival for March 2018, a replacement to the sweaty, rainy mudbowl that is FPSF."

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Image: Fitzgerald's

8. Updated: Fitzgerald’s Faces Boycotts Amidst Racially Charged Emails

"The popular Heights music venue is in hot water after a heated email exchange surfaced on Twitter."

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9. What The Big Bang Theory Gets Right About “East Texas”

"With the news that the hugely popular CBS comedy will be getting its own prequel, about a young Sheldon Cooper’s childhood, we decided to delve into what the show gets right and wrong about the region."

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10. What It’s Like Watching Khloé Kardashian Steal from Black Culture

“I just want to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians without constant reminders that your family has cashed in by appropriating marginalized cultures and making them acceptably mainstream.”

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