Kayy Kilo's latest project, Cutthroat Love Letter, is out now. 


Just ahead of Thanksgiving, Houston artists have given us some new tunes to listen to. Lou Ridley gets "Delivered," and Screwed Up Click's Lil O makes a momentous return to the music industry with his album, The Greatest Of All Players.  BBY Kodie puts his stamp on hip-hop with his mixtape, Emotions Running High, and you can watch Rocky Banks "Slide" with his gang of friends. 

Here's all-new music from Houston artists. 

Rocky Banks, "Slide"


Rocky Banks has come a long way since his early beginnings, with his 2017 effort Trust In Banko and subsequent release, Big Little Brother. In 2021 the creative returns with a single, "Slide," from his forthcoming album, Mojo Tape Volume 2. On "Slide," Rocky Banks flexes his capabilities, setting himself apart from the rest with his wordplay and infectious energy. 

Kayy Kilo, Cutthroat Love Letter


The First Lady of Charlotte rapper DaBaby's Billion Dollar Baby label, Kayy Kilo, released her debut project, Cutthroat Love Letter. Known for her aggressive and gritty raps, the new EP shows a more vulnerable side of the rapstress. Packaged in eight tracks, fans can see the real and raw talent from Kilo, as the project enlists only one feature, from her label frontrunner, DaBaby. 

JonoJono featuring OMB Bloodbath & Dontaskgen, "She"


Houston natives JonoJono, OMB Bloodbath, and Dontaskgen joined forces for a sinister new track, "She." You can liken JonoJono's talent to that of a young Michael Jackson, embracing different genres into his music. The ominous track, which tells a story about a seductive woman, begins with a head-bobbing metal guitar solo that entices you before the beat even drops. 

Lil O, The Greatest Of All Players


As an original member of Screwed Up Click, Lil O is etched into Houston rap history, and now, he's made a return to music with his latest album, The Greatest Of All Players. His last noteworthy project, Grind Hard, Pray Harder, was released in 2011. The emcee is still embracing the sounds of OG Houston rap, with production that leans on G-Funk and the late Pimp C's coined phrase, "country rap tunes."

BBY Kodie, Emotions Running High


Following a slew of single releases, BBY Kodie has finally released his mixtape, Emotions Running High. The 20-year-old rapper and producer created the project in his Houston studio. Filled with menacing synths and bold bass, Emotions Running High is poised as the Houston rapper's most ambitious and experimental project to date, complete with 15 original tracks, including his breakout single, "Started This."

Lou Ridley, "Delivered"


Anti-country star Lou Ridley takes a more soulful approach with her latest single, "Delivered." The track is a plea for salvation following an intense breakup that left her feeling trapped and yearning for deliverance. Unlike her more Western and bluegrass-influenced tracks, "Delivered" carries a gospel influence, evident by the freedom in her voice. 

Sally Sossa, "Eternity"


Noting midwestern influences in her music, Sally Sossa's sound is an amalgamation of Chicago drill and the "slowed and throwed" style of her hometown. On her new track, "Eternity," Sossa tells her story of her humble beginnings to her imminent success as a musical artist. 

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