Meet the Queens

The Hyper-Femme Queen With Poise and Elegance

Drag performer Persephone says the art form allows her to expresses her creativity and create community.

By Zach McKenzie April 17, 2023 Published in the Spring 2023 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Persephone at Color Factory.

Persephone has had drag in her blood since childhood. Today, Houstonians can catch the self-described “hyper-femme queen with poise and elegance” at a number of locations as she plays hostess with the mostest.

“I always had an interest in drag since I was a child, before I even knew what drag was,” she says. “When I was a kid, I used to run around the house draping myself with blankets and towels along with pantyhose on my head that I wrapped into a bun, and I would call myself Cinderella.”

In 2017, the performer went on to open Hamburger Mary’s in Montrose and competed in a “turn about show,” where employees who have never done drag compete against each other. “I’m very competitive, and I took the competition seriously. Like, it was life or death," she says. "I told myself if I won I would pursue drag as a career and if I lost I would put drag on the back burner.” Luckily for the drag world at large, Persephone says, “I won.”

Fans can catch Persephone every last Sunday of the month at Winnie’s for her brunch show, at Tiny Champions monthly for trivia, and at other hot spots around town. “I always tell people to follow me on Instagram, because I perform somewhere different every week, with a lot of fun pop-ups included!”

Persephone credits drag as a means of creating and celebrating community. “Drag allows me to be my best self with people and express myself in a way that feels liberating to my soul," she says. "It is very therapeutic for me, and every time I get home from a show I yearn to relive those moments.”

Meet the Queens

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