Lunching Solo

Eatsie Boys Cafe Has It All

The perfect place for a working lunch.

By Amber Ambrose May 17, 2013


Da Bomb, a recent special at Eatsie Boys Cafe.

The world is my office. Well, at least the little pockets of the world where wireless internet is available. Luckily, that includes the Eatsie Boys Cafe, an island of tranquility in a charming, greenery-clad building in Montrose that looks as cozy on the outside as it feels on the inside.

It's easy to find a quiet spot tucked away in a corner booth, or atop a stool facing the front window; the wireless is reliable; and, most importantly, no one makes you feel like a jerk if you linger on your computer long after you've finished the meal. The food is creative and tasty, and the dishes have cool names like "Da Bomb," "Big Shrimpin," or "Namaste."

"Da Bomb" is the Boys' take on a Houston staple, the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich. It was recent choice on their "Trust Us" chalkboard specials. A generous portion of baguette came stuffed with juicy marinated chicken, strips of cucumber, pickled carrots, and cilantro leaves drizzled with hoisin sauce and avocado puree and topped with vibrant green jalapeño wheels. It tasted as good as it looked.

There was no skirting around the fact that it was messy and difficult to eat, but the chicken was moist and tender, the bread toasty on the outside and soft in the middle, the sauces savory and creamy, the carrots tangy, the cucumber just cooling enough, and the jalapeños blazing. I'd be lying if I didn't admit breaking into a mild sweat from the heat of the peppers. Which is as it should be.

Added bonuses of the working lunch: a refreshing side salad, a spontaneous meeting with a good friend who happened to stop by, and a feeling of comfort only rivaled by my own kitchen table. Lunching solo never tasted, or felt, so good. Also — and this is the clincher — for dessert the cafe offers Shipley's "Frozen Awesome," which is basically ice cream infused with fresh donuts.

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