Mobile Mug isn't ready to be photographed yet, so here is some stock art of a shoe and a to-go cup of coffee.

The newest entrant into the mobile coffee truck game, Mobile Mug, makes its debut during the Houston Marathon on Sunday morning. Starting at 7 a.m.—the same time that the marathon runners will be leaving the starting line—Mobile Mug will be open in front of Brasserie 19 at 1962 West Gray St., which marks Mile 4 of the marathon. The truck will be serving coffee and cinnamon rolls for those braving the chilly temps in the morning, though it should warm up throughout the day.

In the days after the race, Mobile Mug will begin trundling around town dispensing Illy espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more, plus hot chocolate. The made-from-scratch-daily cinnamon rolls will remain a daily offering, sold individually (though nothing's really stopping you from buying a dozen...). The truck is the newest concept from Charles Clark and Grant Cooper, the duo who also run Ibiza, Punk's Simple Southern Food, Coppa Osteria, and—naturally—Brasserie 19.

Mobile Mug joins the ranks of other cafes on wheels such as Espresso Rescue, a converted ambulance that made its own debut earlier this year, and the retrorrific Cadillac Coffee, which serves its coffee out of a Shasta camper van towed behind—what else?—a Cadillac Series 62.

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