Extreme Burgers

Extreme Eats: eT Craft Burgers & Beer

You never had it "your way" until you load up your buns with unlimited toppings at this spirited burger bar.

By Megha Tejpal May 22, 2015

This is how you truly have it "your way."

Custom is key. From burrito bars to frozen yogurt shops, we are used to getting our favorite foods built the way we want them. And why not? We're shelling out our hard earned money everytime we order a triple shot-soy milk-no foam latte or a thin-crust half-pepperoni half-pineapple pizza, so why not get it just the way we like it? Burgers are no different. In fact, as far back as I can remember, I have been pickier with my burgers than any other dish. When I was younger, my custom order consisted of buns and meat with pickles only, and in more recent days it ranges from a single to double patty half-pounder loaded with fresh jalapeños and zesty sauces. Don't judge.

eT Craft Burgers & Beer
19841 Northwest Fwy.
281-807-0200 etburgers.com

Living in Texas, it's not hard to find an excellent burger full of flavor and smothered with toppings. But it is an extreme burger that I discovered at Houston's newest "craft burger bar" on the north side of town that landed me in a burger-induced food coma.

A refreshing addition to the chain restaurants that line both sides of Highway 290 leading into the Cypress area, eT Craft Burgers & Beer offers diners a true foodie experience without having to leave the northwest side of town. In addition to functioning as a choose-your-own-adventure style burger bar, eT (pronounced "eat") also spotlights a changing list of beers on tap from Houston-based and other Texas breweries. While wine and sodas are available too, it's the burger and beer combo that really pairs up perfectly on a hot, humid day.

In addition to pints of craft lagers and ales, eT also offers growlers for $6 and growler fills of any beer for $19.50.

Different than your typical burger in more ways than one, an eT burger uses slider-sized patties in their burgers instead of full-sized patties. They cook much faster (and right in front of you while you order!), which helps guests move efficiently through the line while choosing toppings. Where the burger takes on a life of its own is when you get to the topping portion of the burger bar tour. Though eT Craft Burgers & Beer offers signature burgers and a seasonal choice of the day, it is the "Craft Your Own" option that will entice the taste buds of an extreme personality.

A basket of pesto fries

Starting off with a choice of two (4 oz.) or three (6 oz.) slider patties on a whole wheat bun, you then have the freedom to add unlimited toppings and sauces. From Sriracha mayo and Creole mustard to barbecue sauce and tomato aioli, you can get as saucy as you want to. Toppings include flash-fried jalapeños, raw and/or carmelized onions, grilled poblanos, bacon, avocado and so much more. As you can see, it doesn't take long to end up with a sky-high concoction. No matter how big the burger, you can't have one without fries, and eT has no shortage of options. The pesto fries are a fantastic choice and taste delicious dipped in Sriracha mayo!

Obviously a place meant for serious eaters, eT Craft Burgers & Beer promotes a social environment where food and drink come first—you won't find one TV in the house! Community tables and oversized booths fill the dining space and you will notice the restaurant stays busy with diners strolling in throughout the day. And with the original location of eT Craft Burgers & Beer located in the downtown tunnel system, even Inner Loopers can get a taste of this extreme burger bar without trekking to Cypress. One thing is for sure, though—no matter how many times you eT at eT Craft Burgers and Beer, you'll surely never have the same burger twice.



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