Best Breakfasts 2015

French Toast: The 5 Fanciest

A quintessential quintet

By Katharine Shilcutt May 3, 2015 Published in the May 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Nutella french toast at Dish Society

Image: Kate LeSueur

Cafe Brasil

Fresh loaves of challah bread baked in-house form the base of this classic rendition, served with tart mixed berry sauce, fresh whipped cream and maple syrup (plus a side of bacon, for your health). ($10)

Dish Society

What happens when Slow Dough whole grain bread meets Nutella? An irresistible best-seller, that’s what—at both breakfast and brunch. ($8.50) 

Empire Cafe

They may call it Italian toast, but this is French through and through, and a classic—soft, dense, chewy and with almost as much fresh fruit (typically strawberries and currants) as bread. ($7.95)


Like at Brasil, the key to this notable Jewish-Mexican bakery’s offering is fresh challah bread made in-house, which is best topped with something better than syrup: Rustika’s homemade dulce de leche (add 95 cents). ($8.95)

Weights + Measures

Everything is made on-site at this Midtown newcomer, from the fresh ciabatta bread used in this dish to the strawberry preserves, to the mascarpone butter on top. ($11)


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