Woodbar’s Monkey Bun

Image: Audra Oden

Woodbar’s Monkey Bun ($2.50)

You know you shouldn’t eat that entire batch of sticky-sweet monkey bread yourself, but a monkey bun, well, that’s another story. It’s, you know, smaller. 

Breakfast Burritos Anonymous’s Flapstix ($4.99)

Imagine a corndog made out of pancakes with a delicious breakfast sausage center that you dip in butter pecan syrup instead of mustard. Now stop imagining and go get one.

French Riviera Café’s Pain Au Chocolat ($2.25)

For best results, pair this dark chocolate doozy with the café’s signature cappuccino (made with Illy beans). Done.

Hot Bagel Shop’s Bialy with Schmear ($3.04)

Any schmear, really. Okay, we prefer the lox spread, but anyway, you can’t lose with this classic bagel-without-a-hole, topped with chopped onion and poppy seeds.   

Pondicheri Bake Lab’s Nightingale ($5)

Pick up this pocket-sized all-in-one-breakfast at Pondicheri’s second-floor bakery—a millet and wheat pastry shell filled with Indian-spiced meat and vegetables that’ll keep you perked up all morning.


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