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The Dr. Pepper glazed donut brisket sandwich in all its glory.

Image: Scott Sandlin

Houston chefs are increasingly pushing the limit when it comes to unlikely pairings, whether it's a macaroni-and-cheese-topped pizza or a donut hole ice cream sundae. But as simple as we may think it is to throw a fried egg on some curry fries or bacon in a chocolate chip cookie, there is an actual method to this madness. And the result, when done correctly, is something downright delicious.

Blood Bros. BBQ, a pop-up concept headed up by brothers Robin and Terry Wong of Glitter Karaoke alongside part-time chef/full-time aquarium store owner Quy Hoang, go above and beyond when it comes to extreme dishes. Twice a month, the Wong brothers and Hoang host Blood Bros. events at Lincoln Bar on Saturday afternoons. Open to the public, the pop-ups are family friendly  and feature—what else?—barbecue-heavy dishes. From standards like brisket and pork ribs to more modern Texas barbecue items like smoked beef belly, Blood Bros. promises a summer barbecue experience like no other. Using the pop-ups as a platform for their adventurous cooking, Blood Bros. encourages Houstonians to try a taste of something that can't be found in any restaurant.

This Saturday, July 11, the Blood Bros. BBQ pop-up at Lincoln Bar will spotlight the king of all sweet and savory extreme dishes for the protein-hungry foodie. Hoang has collaborated with local food truck Doughmaker Donuts to create a Dr Pepper-glazed donut brisket sandwich. How's that for breakfast, lunch and soda all in one? Overloaded with meat between two halves of a sliced glazed donut, the dish is truly a sight to see. The monster sandwich will no doubt satisfy the cravings of hungry diners and will most definitely make the social media rounds as well; we propose the hashtag #DrPepperGlazedDonutBrisketSandwich.

For information on any of the Blood Brothers BBQ pop-ups at Lincoln Bar or any of their other extreme eats, follow them on Instagram @BloodBrosBBQ and like their page on Facebook.

Blood Bros. BBQ pop-up: Saturday, July 11, noon to 5 p.m.; Lincoln Bar, 5110 Washington Ave.

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