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Big Eyed Fish hosts its first blackout dinner November 19.

Usually when you find yourself in a blackout, it’s either because the electric company is working with the power lines outside your home or a thunderstorm turned the light out. For Big Eyed Fish, an upcoming blackout—this one planned—is a chance for guests to wine and dine in the dark; even what they’re eating will be a surprise when the restaurant holds its first blackout dinner event, "See No Evil."

Megan Adams, owner of the Sixth Ward restaurant that specializes in updated Southern comfort food, was inspired to host the unusual event after reading a story about a blind man in Switzerland who opened his first restaurant in 1999, wanting his guests to better understand how the blind relied on their other senses to taste food. "I have always wanted to host a blackout dinner," says Adams, "but seeing as I have only managed bars in the past I didn’t have the opportunity." True to the Swiss gentleman's tale, she says, the experience takes the food to a whole new level. "I have hosted at my house and its so much fun and truly heightens your other senses.”

The See No Evil will take place November 18, with two separate seating times offered. Although no menu will be provided, this doesn’t mean guests will never find out what they’re eating: once the four-course meal is complete, the lights will come on slowly so as to not shock guests’ eyes. Then, Big Eyed Fish's chef will make an appearance to recount the dishes, with photos of each to provide a full picture of the meal. (Those with food allergens, have no fear; Adams says any food allergies are duly noted when a reservation is made.)

After this first See No Evil event flips back on the lights, Adams says she plans on hosting the blackout dinner every six months at Big Eyed Fish. "The dinner will be memorable and I hope everyone gets a change to experience at least once in their life."

See No Evil at Big Eyed Fish, 908 Henderson Street, 713-714-8367, November 18; first seating 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., second seating 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., $50 (no alcohol), $60 (alcohol included). Space is limited. Reservations required. 


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