Hanukkah Harried?

Fried Day: Sufganiyot from Three Brothers Bakery

Celebrate Hannukah with enough oil to illuminate a temple.

By Joanna O'Leary December 4, 2015

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Sufganiyot from Three Brothers Bakery

Sufganiyot (singular, sufganiyah), stuffed donuts typically eaten during Hanukkah, does not mean “absolutely effing delicious” in Hebrew but maybe it should. Indeed, these deep-fried sweets are divine as well as decadent, for their preparation symbolically refers to the miracle at the time of the Maccabees' rebellion against the Greeks, whereby one day's supply of oil lit the newly rededicated Holy Temple in Jerusalem for a full eight. (For the same reason, fried latke are also consumed during Hanukkah.)

Jellies of various fruit flavors are the traditional fillings for these donuts, but in modern times, bakers have introduced innovations such as sufganiyot stuffed with chocolate cream and dulce de leche.

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Half a dozen sufganiyot? You're at least two short.

If you are in Israel during the Festival of Lights, head to Angel Bakeries, which allegedly makes more than 250,000 sufganiyot every day during Hanukkah. Wowser.

If you are in Houston, Three Brothers Bakery is a most fitting and delicious substitute.  Now through the end of Hanukkah (Dec. 14), they are offering piping hot, soft, over-stuffed, unctuous sufganiyot. Yep, they deserve that many descriptors. One dozen in assorted flavors (chocolate, strawberry) is $27 and works out to 1.5 donuts per each day of the holiday. Don’t want to bother with fractions of a donut? Then, get a double batch for an even three.


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