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Fried Day: Tawa Fish Fry at Spicy Eggs

A non-egg dish shines at the Indian breakfast spot.

By Alice Levitt February 19, 2016

Img 5464 znzm9f

Tawa fish fry, $13.99.

Image: Alice Levitt

What’s better than breakfast for lunch or dinner? A taste of eggs far from the pablum that most Americans call our morning meal. That’s precisely what diners get at Spicy Eggs, an Indian egg specialist tucked into the same shopping center as a halal meat market and a Guatemalan restaurant on Hillcroft Road. Owners Mitul and Ashutosh Bhakta donate a portion of every sale to a foundation for the needy in India. And although eggs are in the name, the restaurant does more than breakfast food.

Consider the tawa fish fry.  The chef may be Gujarati, but the phrase "fish fry" can't help but suggest that the dish is a great fit for Lenten dining. Surely, even the pope couldn't resist a big plate of spice-crusted fried fish—especially this one, buried in a thick carpet of cilantro and scallions. A squeeze of lime further lightens the welcome onslaught of chile and garam masala. The fish is served with an oversized pile of basmati rice and a pair of fresh rotis, too, making it an ample meal on its own. But the eggs shouldn't be overlooked. 

Img 5462 au8sbz

Egg goti gotala, $8.99.

Image: Alice Levitt

Just try not to smile back at this guy.

Chef Ashutosh's goti gotala is a soupy bowl of eggs blended with chiles and spices. Choose red or green peppers, or get both for an extra slap of heat.

Img 5003 odfcbh

Egg sandwiches with Limca.

Image: Alice Levitt

On a plate filled with pepper-studded omelette sliders, he writes the restaurant’s name in ketchup.

Img 5461 boujk9

Green lasan half-fry, $8.99.

Image: Alice Levitt

But it's not all whimsy. The green garlic (lasan) half fry doesn't need anything but its perfectly cooked sunny-side-up eggs, dressed in aromatically spiced green-garlic pesto to speak for itself. Sam-I-Am would need no help selling the virtues of the lusty fried green eggs at Little India’s newest—and one of its most original—restaurants.


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