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Happy Hour of the Week: Bar Milano

Crafty mixologists heat up happy hour with smoked glasses and fiery drinks.

By Megha Tejpal February 1, 2016

Cocktail z23qss

The Spicy Breeze, drink at your own risk.

Image: Megha Tejpal

It's not often that your mixologist asks you what level of spice you prefer your cocktails, but this is just the case at City Centre's boutique Bar Milano, located in the trendy Hotel Sorella on the plaza. Set wildly apart from the family-friendly restaurants and bars for which City Centre is best known, Bar Milano is intimate and sexy with a cocktail menu to match.

The bar shares its name with the hotel's restaurant Radio Milano, but offers guests its own private entrance off of Sorella Court. While the intriguing music selection is carefully curated to capture the mood of the bar's dark interior, the expansive open-air patio, complete with plush seating, is an ideal location for happy hour on a sunny 70 degree day.

Barmilano xivvuy

The pork belly with a sriracha glaze packs a punch.

Image: Megha Tejpal

Happy hour takes place Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m., when all spirits, beer and wine are $3 less than their regular price. The house cocktails are adventurous and bold with ingredients ranging from fresh fruits and housemade syrups to fiery hot peppers. The Spicy Breeze is skillfully crafted with Irish whiskey, elderflower, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, cucumber, jalapeño, and habanero with a chipotle rim. A look at the cocktail, garnished with oversize, colorful peppers makes the first sip appear potentially daunting. The Key lime pie dessert martini is the Spicy Breeze's refreshing foil with a fluffy whipped topping and pie crumb rim.

Pizza jy7tiw

At Bar Milano, truffle cream is a pizza topping.

Image: Megha Tejpal

All items on Bar Milano's food menu are discounted by $2 during happy hour. The housemade burrata and Milano Pizza with San Daniele prosciutto and truffle cream are shareable selections. For an entrée, the ciabatta burger, made with 44 Farms grass-fed beef and served with fries is a hearty choice.

As exciting as it is to order from the cocktail menu, we recommend taking a seat at the bar and choosing the "Create Your Own Adventure" route with the house mixologists. Views include an up close look at how the bartenders prepare smoking glasses and create unique garnishes. As the name suggests, the experience is different every time. But while Bar Milano's dark, mysterious vibe may make it the strong and silent type, where there are spicy cocktails, there is no shortage of smoke and fire.


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