Brennans cfezsy

Brennan's may be known for its turtle soup, but we think the meatless honey butternut squash soup is just as attractive.

A steakhouse's dreaded seasonal vegetable plate is perhaps every vegetarian's worst nightmare. Call us crazy, but seasonal vegetables are available daily at the farmers market, so why shell out $20 to have a restaurant grill and serve them to us? One of the city's staples, Brennan's of Houston, known for decades for its rich menu of meat-centric dishes, offers diners an alternative with its Digging Texas Creole vegetarian prix-fixe menu. The menu is two or three courses, depending on when you dine, but either way, it promises an exciting meatless meal prepared in the bold Southern style Brennan's is famous for. 

Executive chef Danny Trace's dynamic meat-free menu goes far beyond the norm. Offered as an addition to brunch, lunch and dinner, the Digging Texas Creole menu includes dishes including Southern vegetable-and-grits cakes with charred tomatillo sauce for brunch and cauliflower vichysoisse with Rio Grande pecan pesto for lunch.

During dinner, the two-course, $29 meal includes an appetizer and entrée, but at brunch and lunch, veggie guests score a produce-driven dessert such as Tangipahoa blood orange sorbet with pistachio biscotti and Louisiana Spirits' Bayou Rum.

As always, there are additional meatless side dishes available à la carte, including stewed okra and tomatoes, jalapeño cornbread pudding and roasted mushrooms. And with the opportunity to enjoy the elegant ambience and pristine service at this Houston classic sans flesh, we are definitely digging the Texas Creole at Brennan's.


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