100 Best Restaurants 2016

Go West, Young Man: 5 Unique Restaurants to Seek in the Suburbs

With interesting openings from Katy to Cypress, the west side is worth the drive.

By Alice Levitt and Katharine Shilcutt September 19, 2016 Published in the October 2016 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Pirozhki and crepes from Nyam Nyam Café

Cafe Adel

When it comes to Bosnian eats, Houstonians usually think of Café Pita Plus. But Café Adel easily bests the more centrally located chain, in both conviviality and cuisine. To see why, spend an evening with friends over a meza plate, filled with preserved Bosnian meats, veggies and cheeses.


Much has been made of South Korean franchise Bonchon opening a Texas location in Katy, but it’s met its match, and then some, in locally owned Hoodadak, which excels in the art of double-fried poultry and pickled daikon, as well as less common Korean pub grub, like spicy sea snails over noodles.

Nyam Nyam Café

On the menu here, pirozhki—Russian buns stuffed with everything from chorizo to cherries—join freshly made crêpes both savory (filled with roasted duck and apples) and sweet (caramel cream and bananas).


This Korean chain specializes in the walnut pastries called hodo gwaja. Take a warm bite of a red-bean-filled cake, then pair it with one of the liquid-nitrogen ice creams, made before your eyes in a flash.


To get any closer to Poland, you’d need a passport and a wallet full of złoty. Watch native reality shows on satellite TV while spreading smalec (bacon fat) on bread, then crunch into a giant potato pancake filled with goulash. Beer and vodka are optional, but encouraged.

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