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The pass at Cuchara

Yes, we too miss Meteor (R.I.P., neon-hued “video lounge” of our misspent Montrose youth). But don’t hold that against the busiest block in Neartown. Walk, bike or Uber on over for excellent food, drink and people-watching.

Pepper Twins

What to eat: jelly noodles with Szechuan peppercorns, Volcano Cod, ma po tofu
What to drink: corn milk, or a BYO crowler of Brash Brewing’s EZ-7 American Pale Ale
What to Instagram: the menu, with delightfully-named dishes like Super Cubic! and Broken Heart Jelly.

Max's Wine Dive

What to eat: the beloved fried chicken, Nacho Mama’s Oysters, Max ‘n’ Cheese
What to drink: champagne—any champagne—is a must
What to Instagram: the gloriously gluttonous fried-egg sandwich with a lobster tail


What to eat: brioche custard toast at brunch, Drunken Monkey lavash pizza at dinner
What to drink: the infamous red sangría
What to Instagram: the wine-bottle chandelier near the bar


What to eat: comida corrida at lunch, mole verde at dinner, all the salsas
What to drink: the margarita of the day—don’t ask, just order
What to Instagram: the vibrantly colored Mexico City–style murals

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