Five Places to Hit on National Pie Day

Have a slice on January 23, or any other time.

By Alice Levitt January 23, 2017

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How do you choose?

Believe it or not, there is an American Pie Council. And today is their big day. According to the council's website, January 23 is the day they encourage Americans to host "pie parties with friends, co-workers and family." Like us, you probably didn't know there was an American Pie Council and are unprepared for the festivities. If you didn't have time to bake, we recommend visiting one of these bakeries.

The Flying Saucer Pie Company

This Independence Heights bakery celebrates 50 years of preservative-free goodness this year. Pies are baked fresh every day, which means offerings are always optimally seasonal. In summer, look for the peach and strawberry cream and fruit pies. At this time of year, chocolate cream is sure to satisfy, especially as temperatures cool down later in the week.

House of Pies

You're unlikely to find a menu of pies more comprehensive than the one at these two locations on Westheimer Road and Kirby Drive. Choices include historical British egg cream custard; French Blackbottom, with its boozy vanilla-rum custard filling; and meringue pies flavored with coconut, lemon or chocolate.

Petite Sweets

Pastry chef Susan Molzan's pies are among the prettiest in the city. They're available in typical flavors like Key Lime and pecan, but also harder to find choices like cherry-streusel and buttermilk. But the secret to ultimate pie enjoyment? Pair yours with a scoop of Lee's Creamery ice cream. 

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Ube cream pie from Filipiniana Restaurant + Bakery.

Image: Alice Levitt

Ooh La La Dessert Boutique

Ooh La La may be best known for its cupcakes, but they've got plenty of pies, too. In the bakery's mini dessert tradition, they've got $7.50 "Cutie Pies" in five flavors including pecan and coconut cream. Larger pies are available in classic flavors, but also Oreo or Reese's mousse or Snicker's flavors.

Filipiniana Restaurant + Bakery

Looking for something a little different? This Filipino bakery excels in creating uncommon desserts using Asian flavors. You're unlikely to find a more eye-catching pie than the purple ube cream pie. Ube, of course, is another word for purple yam, so the slices taste like sweet potato pie, but with a fun visual twist.

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