You may never have noticed the "à Bouzy" designation on your favorite bottles of bubbly, but chances are many that you've sipped were produced in the small commune (akin to a municipality) in the Champagne region in the northeast of France. But owner Sean Virene was sufficiently aware to name his restaurant for it, though with the accent grave replaced by an apostrophe. Of course, he's been looking at bottles of Champagne and sparkling wine for quite some time.

Fans of Brasserie 19 may recognize Virene as the managing partner there, where his wine knowledge attracted loyal guests. A week into opening, it's clear his regulars have followed him to the dining room at a'Bouzy, with its ceiling covered in glass balls in order to create the impression of sitting inside a Champagne bottle. Inside, which also includes a bar area, raw bar and private seating, can hold 126. The patio seats 140, which was particularly popular during the restaurant's first Saturday/Sunday brunch.

In an unusual move, a'Bouzy has two executive chefs, Freddie Gonzaga, most recently of Ibiza, and Little Liberty and Liberty Kitchen alum Jose Ruiz. What can diners expect? A menu that's as much about American comfort as French tradition.

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