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We cannot promise Tyrion Lannister will be there, nor that he will be this awesome.

It's worth knowing that every Wednesday night at King's Bierhaus in the Heights, 7 p.m. brings trivia. It's earlier than most trivia nights in town, a very good thing for, you know, grown-ups with jobs and stuff. The prizes go beyond the usual T-shirts and koozies, too, with gift cards to the restaurant and beer steins among them. 

But this week is different. Even if you don't know anything except who Bran Stark is named after, and think trivia hounds are nerds but speak fluent Dothraki, the Wednesday, August 23 installment is for you. This week, King's is serving up Game of Thrones trivia, complete with a full menu devoted to the show, currently in its seventh, and second to last, season.

Here's the menu, so don your furs in readiness and get ready for battle:

Dragons' Eggs 

Four deviled eggs, topped with chicken Weiner schnitzel and our homemade bacon bourbon jam.

Hot Pie's Meat Pies

Three pies stuffed with ground sirloin marinated in Stiegl lager, with bell peppers and onions, served with a fresh lime-cabbage salad

Giant's Knuckle Soup (Oxtail Soup)

Cooked for eight hours to make the broth, potatoes, zucchini, corn, cilantro


Sweet Meats

Half chicken smoked and topped with a honey butter glaze, served on a bed of grilled onions and parsley mashed potatoes with German gravy

Flea Bottom Special (Turkey Leg)

Smoked, then baked, served barbecue sauce and parsley mashed potatoes

Northman's Dinner (Pork Shank)

Served with apple horseradish, sauerkraut and Austrian potato salad

Dinner at the Twins

Two German bratwursts served with parsley mashed potatoes and German gravy.


Lemon cake

Fresh lemon cake, topped with a house-made lemon whipped cream


We Always Pay Our Debts (The Lannisters care only for blood and gold)

Whiskey, lemon, sugar, red wine

The White Walker (The dead will rise with blue eyes)

Alessio Bianco, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, lemon, soda

The Rose of Highgarden (Tell Cersi it was ME!)

Dornfelder wine, vodka, sugar, rose water

Milk of the Poppy (A Maester's best friend)

Dark rum, German brandy, black tea, lime, pineapple, milk (clarified)

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