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Where To Get Your Holiday Season Mimosa Fix in Houston

For when you need to take your holiday daytime gatherings up a notch.

By Beth Levine December 6, 2017

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If holiday gatherings call for day drinking, grab thee a mimosa.

The holiday season means lots of brunches, lunches and daytime get-togethers. What goes well with all of these things? The ultimate daytime drinking bubbly: the mimosa. Where's the best place to get your mimosa fix in Houston? Have no fear; your trusty friends at Gastronaut have helped narrow down the best places in town to order one. 


With two locations and a revamped Upstairs bar, Hungry's offers their mimosas four ways: traditional, strawberry, raspberry and grapefruit. You can get them by the glass, carafe or flight of all four.

Onion Creek Coffee House, Bar and Lounge

One of the staples of The Creek Group, Onion Creek is another place that serves mimosas early and daily. With the mantra that most things are better served cold, Onion serves theirs frozen. Think of it as a slushy, boozy treat, and if it's too cold outside, have it inside by the fireplace.

La Mexicana

This Montrose institution starts serving at 7 a.m. Yes, 7 a.m. Known for being heavy on the bubbly and light on the juice, La Mex, as it is affectionately called, is a great place to get a mimosa and some queso.

Under The Volcano

While this popular Rice Village bar is known for their frozen screwdrivers, they also serve a good mimosa made with fresh orange juice on the weekends.

Dish Society

With several locations popping up over town as of late, Dish Society also has more than just one way to have your mimosa. Choose from a selection of mixers, from fresh orange juice and grapefruit juice to local favorite prickly pear, as well as the "bromosa" served with Karbach Weisse Versa mixed with orange and lemon juice.

Better Luck Tomorrow

Though they just recently kicked off their brunch service, the bar at Better Luck Tomorrow takes their cocktails very seriously. Their mimosa, with juice made extra fluffy thanks to a special blender, is worth every sip.


Another Mexican restaurant staple on the list. Besides the traditional mimosa, Cuchara puts their stamp on this bubbly favorite by offering mixes with sparking hibiscus or tamarind.


Nestled over on Colquitt, this neighborhood charmer offers up their mimosas with Prosecco, sold by the glass and by the bottle plus a half carafe. Bonus tip: If you are with a group and can order the bottle plus carafe, be sure to also order from the "HOV" section of the menu and get the freakin' weekend tower. 

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