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Our Latest Obsession: Spaghetti Sammie at Better Luck Tomorrow

When you're in the mood for carbs, double down with this compact Sunday dinner.

By Joanna O'Leary May 22, 2019

When I’m fixin’ to make a sandwich and select my carbohydrate foundation of choice, the last thing I would think of putting in between that sliced bread (or Kaiser roll, bagel, or pita) is ... more carbohydrates. Ozzies obviously think otherwiseas do the chef and/or owners of Better Luck Tomorrow, which proffers its own version of the spaghetti jaffle for a reasonable $8 during Saturday and Sunday brunch. 

Well, that sounded like the greatest thing since Domino’s pasta in a bread bowl, so I headed to the Heights a few weekends ago to sample the spaghetti sammie.

Better Luck Tomorrow bills itself as, among other things, “A place to cheer. And sulk. And sulk at the people who are cheering.” Having grown up watching the Red Sox during their less successful years, I am particularly adept at the last behavioral practice and therefore was sure I would fit right in at Better Luck Tomorrow.

Although I swung by on the later side of the brunch window, patio and interior seating area surrounding the bar was still relatively full with patrons, some of them less bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than others.

Two thick slabs of pan-browned toasted sourdough serve as the scaffolding for BLT’s spaghetti sandwich, and a thick square of spaghetti in tomato sauce forms the interior. A layer of gooey burrata almost spilling out of the sides is rich and creamy, while a sprinkle of fried parmesan provides an alternating salty crunch.

The sandwich first tasted of butter and soft dough, but as I chomped away, the eggy pasta revealed itself, as did subtler notes of oregano and garlic. I found myself suddenly nostalgic for the pasta, gravy, and garlic bread suppers of my childhood, and by connection, raucous church fundraisers.

Although I fully expected to dismiss BLT’s spaghetti sandwich as a one-time cheap thrill, a few days following my double carb-indulgence I found myself strangely craving another one. While I could save a few bucks by preparing my own box of Barilla and buying a loaf, I will wait and return to Better Luck Tomorrow because I know this much is true: a sandwich—especially one of noodles—made by someone else always somehow tastes better than the one you make yourself.

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