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Chinatown’s signature Hong Kong–style egg-custard tarts are the perfect silken, flaky addition to any Easter brunch. Order them by the dozen: Most go for a $1 or less.

King Bakery

This barebones Dun Huang Plaza bakery is beloved by locals, primarily for its fresh-from-the-oven tarts boasting pastry just like Grandmother’s and bright, vanilla-tinged, not-too-sweet filling.

Six Ping

With numerous Chinatown locations, this trendy bakery offers a fluffier custard and a thinner, compact crust that resembles a distant cousin to shortbread.

E.C.K. Bakery

The name stands for Egg Custard King, and that’s no lie. The Alief bakery turns out the best filling in town, silky and weighty as a knock-out flan and yellow enough to be mistaken for lemon custard. The pie crust is so flaky, it elicits downright awe.

85C Bakery

The sweetest of the bunch, this tart features creamy custard and buttery, croissant-like pastry that’s easily downed in two bites. Just remember to remove it from the mini pie tin first.

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