Treat And Treat

Choose These Halloween Desserts, If You Dare ...

For a grown-up sugar rush, discard that candy for these sugary items at local bakeries.

By Joanna O'Leary October 22, 2018

Ooh La La Dessert Boutique is offering the most lavish Oreo you'll ever taste this Halloween season.

Candy may be king during Halloween season, but while you’re overloading on sugar, why not diversify your binge? Through rigorous personal research, I have found that I am actually able to eat more candy if I take a break between mini-Kit Kats to nibble on some baked goods. #lifehacks

This year, Houston bakeries are definitely bringing their A-game. Below are my picks for the best spooky and sinfully delicious confections around town.

A bevy of spirited goodies are available at Ooh La La Dessert Boutique, including some almost-too-cute-to-consume Jack-O-Lantern cupcakes, but it's the Spidey Cookies ‘n’ Cream macarons whose delicate design and intense flavor (think ultra-gourmet Oreos) most tickles my palate.

In addition to vending some of the best pasta in town, Paulie’s has also mastered the art of the decorative sugar cookie. Years of working with neurosurgeons have definitely influenced my primary gustatory cortex, because I can’t get enough of Paulie’s flesh-pink frosted brain cookies.

Sometimes, but not all the time, I feel a wee bit piggish when I finish one of The Dessert Gallery’s colossal cake slices. My Halloween trick to prevent this situation is to feast on its festive petit fours adorned with images of witches and pumpkins. A dozen or so more than equals a slice of cake in mass, but somehow their smaller individual statures curtail my guilt reflex.

Though far more sophisticated desserts both in terms of flavor and design are the norm at Three Brothers Bakery, in the days leading up to Halloween I'll be noshing on its ginormous cookie sandwiches. Definitely not equal parts cookies and icing, the sandwiches are composed of two of the bakery’s famous, slightly crispy chocolate chip cookies in between a two-inch layer of vanilla buttercream.

Another sweet spin on a traditional savory snack can be found The Chocolate Bar, which, for a limited time, is selling a different type of pie: a Halloween chocolate pizza topped with candy corn, garish skulls, and spider web frosting.

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