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4 Places to Get Your Goat In Houston

Yes, we love our steak, but there's a lot of chevon you can get right here in Houston.

By Alice Levitt November 1, 2018

Goat is versatile and leads dishes across the globe.

We know, we know. There are far more menus in Houston featuring a goat cheese salad than a leg of cabrito. Although born-and-bred Americans are beginning to consume more goat, most people who eat it are new Americans. After all, it’s a staple meat practically everywhere in the world except the United States.

But according to the most recent numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Houstonians spend 338 percent more on mutton, goat and game than the rest of the country. Not surprising, given a population that comprises almost 30 percent immigrants. With influences from around the world, it’s no wonder we’ve already discovered chevon (goat meat) when other cities are just making its acquaintance.

At De Hoang Duy, for example, roughly half the menu is filled with Vietnamese goat dishes, served steamed, grilled, and even in salads. We like the tangy zip of de rua ma, a goat soup served with rice noodles. Our favorite is coconut curry with thinly sliced goat and colorful peppers, accompanied by a crusty baguette for dipping.

East Asia’s love for goat is also repped by Myung Dong Restaurant, where the spicy goat stew yeomso tang gets its sesame flavor from both the plant’s leaves and seeds. Two-person hot pots also include a goat option.

The Pakistani Aga’s Restaurant & Catering is famous for its long-marinated goat chops, which don’t so much melt as vaporize. But the riches don’t end there. There are 14 different goat curries on the menu, including bone-in cuts and brains.

Houston’s Mexican restaurants carry their fair share of lamb, but only El Hidalguense is famous for its goat. The skin is super crispy on the kid that sizzles over onions on a fajita-style platter. The meal comes with soft handmade corn tortillas and soupy charro beans.

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