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From New Zealand Comes Seriously Good Butter

Buy a brick of Lewis Road Creamery at Central Market. Thank us later.

By Timothy Malcolm November 27, 2018

The gorgeous yellow tone of Lewis Road Creamery's butter.

maybe you should change the way you buy butter.

Lewis Road Creamery is the new kid in town—okay, the new kid in America. Founded in New Zealand in 2012 by Peter Cullinane, the dairy company claims to make the world’s best butter. Lofty ... but not far-fetched.

The beautifully goldenrod-colored butter is silky sweet, leaving a trace of nuttiness. It’ll really pop in a bearnaise sauce, says Cullinane, or really in any baked treat, but it’s also delicious on bread alone. It'll stack up against some of the best butter you've tried, and it's now available in Texas. You can score Lewis Road’s unsalted and salted butters at Central Markets across the state.

Why Texas? Cullinane said Lewis Road is a relatively popular company in New Zealand (in 2014 it created a chocolate milk that caused a Kiwi frenzy), but the country’s population is little less than five million. Thus, Cullinane wanted to start on a regional level first, focusing on a place that took pride in its local ingredients and food industry.

So what separates Lewis Road Creamery’s butter from the rest? It uses milk from grass-fed cows (who can spend all year in paddocks since the climate is temperate and the greenery lush) from nine farms across the Canterbury area of New Zealand, then employs the traditional Fitz Churn method (which removes buttermilk from the cream) in a facility in the township of Hokitika. The result is a supermarket butter that's as natural as it gets.

Now, this is premium butter, priced at $5.99 for an eight-ounce block. It's $2 pricier than eight ounces of Austin-based Vital Farms's pasture-raised butter. Vital also sources from grass-fed cows (though its cattle may be fed some supplemental grain depending on weather and season), that live a lot closer.

Time to change your butter buying? Your best bet is to buy both and compare. I mean, seriously, buy both. 

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