The Cutest Treats

Unicorn Donuts Are the Ultimate Feel-Good Food

River Oaks Donuts brings creativity to the dough-forming game.

By Joanna O'Leary December 12, 2018

Nothing says "pick-me-up" quite like these sweet, lovely donuts.

True story: a dearth of donuts within walking distance inspired a billionaire couple to open River Oaks Donuts.

So Jeff and Mindy Hildebrand's business isn't exactly your traditional mom-and-pop-shop. Whatever. If I found myself with a billion dollars, you can bet dollars to donuts (hah!) that I would open my own bakery specializing in cookies.

While Shipley’s is my go-to for amazing apple fritters and buttery cake donuts, I head to River Oaks Donuts when I’m feeling fancy and self-celebratory. Why? Because among the specialty confections it offers (pre-order 24 hours in advance—it’s worth it), are two varieties you should buy when you need a self-esteem pick-me-up: unicorn donuts and alphabet donuts.

Maybe your family has served you a healthy helping of guilt for announcing you will not be visiting them this holiday season. Maybe you applied for your dream job only to find out through social media that your arch-rival nabbed it. Maybe you should need a reminder that, baby, you were born this way, and it’s okay.

I guarantee a sugary pick-me-up on the form of an iced, deep-fried piece of dough decorated to look like a unicorn (your spirit animal, natch) and your initials will reignite your confidence. Playing Lady Gaga in the background is optional but highly suggested.

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