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Food News: Brunch at Indianola; Super Blood Wolf Moon Cocktails

Make your weekend food and drink plans, which revolve around new American bites and lunar eclipses.

By Timothy Malcolm January 18, 2019

Time for brunch, baby: Moroccan eggs at Indianola. 

Image: Carla Gomez

Some quick news bits before the week ends:

Brunch is coming! Well, at a few well-known restaurants, that is.

Indianola is launching its brunch service this weekend. Running from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, the Agricole Hospitality restaurant's brunch includes a variety of dishes showing the convergence of cuisines, including chocolate and cinnamon babka; a wagyu, bacon, egg, and cheese burger; crispy duck rice; and huevos rancheros.

Meanwhile, Jonathan's The Rub at Memorial Green is doing regular weekend brunch. You can get items like shrimp and asparagus omelet; bread pudding French toast; crab cake Benedict; and a morning translation of Jonathan's famous Denver roast, and a Denver Benedict, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, along with select lunch and dinner dishes. 

Also, the Super Blood Wolf Moon is coming! That seems a lot scarier than brunch, but it's not scary at all.

To honor Sunday night's momentous occasion, the Hotel Derek's Revolve Kitchen + Bar is unveiling a special cocktail called the Super Blood Wolf Moon cocktail, which you can enjoy while watching the lunar redness absorb your entirety. Made with Mount Gay Eclipse Rum (get it?), ginger beer (nothing to get there), a hollowed-out orange with an open top (GET IT?), and activated charcoal (I don't know, maybe?), the drink should be bright, citrusy, and just a little dark. Perfect!

Also, Le Colonial is offering the blood moon lychee martini. This one has black vodka, lychee puree, Soho lychee liqueur, and fresh lime. 

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