Best Burgers

Put These Longtime Favorites on Your Houston Burger Bucket List

Gotta eat 'em all.

By Timothy Malcolm May 24, 2019 Published in the June 2019 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Hubcap Grill

  • Location: Various; original at 1111 Prairie St., Downtown
  • Since: 2008
  • The order: Hubcap Decker, fries, $12.65
  • Also get: Beefy Philly Cheese Steak Burger with peppers, $10.99
  • Decor: Coca-Cola and Tootsie Roll signs
  • What else to know: Cash-only, with an onsite ATM

Lankford Grocery

  • Location: 88 Dennis St., Montrose
  • Since: 1939
  • The order: Old Fashion Hamburger, side of onion rings, $9.99
  • Also get: Chili dog with homemade chili, plus cheese and red onions, $3.79
  • Decor: Timeworn stools, tables, and booths
  • What else to know: Another cash-only place, Lankford also serves dynamite old-fashioned breakfasts

Cream Burger

  • Location: 3481 Elgin St., Third Ward
  • Since: 1961
  • The order: Small cheeseburger and a large chocolate shake, $4.80
  • Also get: Cheesy, meaty Frito Pie, $2
  • Decor: Hand-painted sign
  • What else to know: Cash-only

Bubba's Texas Burger Shack

  • Location: 5230 Westpark Drive, Gulfton
  • Since: 1985
  • The order: Vegas Burger with buffalo meat, side of jalapeño potato salad, $15.25
  • Also get: A cup of buffalo chili, $5
  • Decor: Bumper stickers; photos of longtime patrons
  • What else to know: Owner Richard Reed wrote a sci-fi novel, Distance Ancient Sky


  • Location: 2211 W. 43th St., Oak Forest
  • Since: 1967
  • The order: Mytiburger with fries, medium drink, and large banana shake, $10.25
  • Also get: Plenty, like the fried jalapeño spears known as Texas toothpicks ($2.55), and corn dogs ($1.80)
  • Decor: Checkerboard floors, old photos
  • What else to know: When you order, you'll get a playing card, not a number. "Ace of spades, order up!"

Sparkle's Hamburger Spot

  • Location: 1515 Emancipation Ave., Third Ward
  • Since: 2006
  • The order: Jalapeño cheeseburger with small side of chili-cheese fries, $10.50
  • Also get: Loaded baked potato, $4.50
  • Decor: Seating at an area called "Sparkle's Chill Spot"
  • What else to know: Call ahead, as orders can take up to 45 minutes, especially the baked potatoes.

Stanton's City Bites

  • Location: 1420 Edwards St., Washington Avenue
  • Since: 1961
  • The order: Classic burger with Cajun spice fries, $9.50
  • Also get: Fried-egg-topped, fried-pickle-filled Cowboy Brunch burger with side of egg rolls, $13
  • Decor: Long diner counter; neon beer signs
  • What else to know: A painting on the wall honors "the patron saint of burgers," late owner Arthur Fong
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