Hubcap Grill

  • Location: Various; original at 1111 Prairie St., Downtown
  • Since: 2008
  • The order: Hubcap Decker, fries, $12.65
  • Also get: Beefy Philly Cheese Steak Burger with peppers, $10.99
  • Decor: Coca-Cola and Tootsie Roll signs
  • What else to know: Cash-only, with an onsite ATM

Lankford Grocery

  • Location: 88 Dennis St., Montrose
  • Since: 1939
  • The order: Old Fashion Hamburger, side of onion rings, $9.99
  • Also get: Chili dog with homemade chili, plus cheese and red onions, $3.79
  • Decor: Timeworn stools, tables, and booths
  • What else to know: Another cash-only place, Lankford also serves dynamite old-fashioned breakfasts

Cream Burger

  • Location: 3481 Elgin St., Third Ward
  • Since: 1961
  • The order: Small cheeseburger and a large chocolate shake, $4.80
  • Also get: Cheesy, meaty Frito Pie, $2
  • Decor: Hand-painted sign
  • What else to know: Cash-only

Bubba's Texas Burger Shack

  • Location: 5230 Westpark Drive, Gulfton
  • Since: 1985
  • The order: Vegas Burger with buffalo meat, side of jalapeño potato salad, $15.25
  • Also get: A cup of buffalo chili, $5
  • Decor: Bumper stickers; photos of longtime patrons
  • What else to know: Owner Richard Reed wrote a sci-fi novel, Distance Ancient Sky


  • Location: 2211 W. 43th St., Oak Forest
  • Since: 1967
  • The order: Mytiburger with fries, medium drink, and large banana shake, $10.25
  • Also get: Plenty, like the fried jalapeño spears known as Texas toothpicks ($2.55), and corn dogs ($1.80)
  • Decor: Checkerboard floors, old photos
  • What else to know: When you order, you'll get a playing card, not a number. "Ace of spades, order up!"

Sparkle's Hamburger Spot

  • Location: 1515 Emancipation Ave., Third Ward
  • Since: 2006
  • The order: Jalapeño cheeseburger with small side of chili-cheese fries, $10.50
  • Also get: Loaded baked potato, $4.50
  • Decor: Seating at an area called "Sparkle's Chill Spot"
  • What else to know: Call ahead, as orders can take up to 45 minutes, especially the baked potatoes.

Stanton's City Bites

  • Location: 1420 Edwards St., Washington Avenue
  • Since: 1961
  • The order: Classic burger with Cajun spice fries, $9.50
  • Also get: Fried-egg-topped, fried-pickle-filled Cowboy Brunch burger with side of egg rolls, $13
  • Decor: Long diner counter; neon beer signs
  • What else to know: A painting on the wall honors "the patron saint of burgers," late owner Arthur Fong
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