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Beer Review: Saloon Door's Ridiculous AF

A boozy beer with peanut butter and chocolate? We're here for it.

By Timothy Malcolm July 10, 2019

I'm generally of the impression that the more ingredients or flavor notes listed in the explanation of a beer, the higher the probability that the beer is undrinkable. A poorly made simple amber ale, pilsner, bock, or single-hopped American pale ale is probably not a complete waste, at least to regular consumer's palate. But once you start adding and adding and adding—triple dry hopped imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels conditioned on raspberries and marshmallows—you're inviting a lot of cooks to the kitchen and a lot of variables to the beer, and that mix could produce some yucky consequences.

So when I was introduced to Ridiculous AF from Webster's Saloon Door Brewing, my internal radar went off. Ridiculous AF is a Russian imperial stout with peanut butter and chocolate, a boozy step up from its Tasty AF (a non-imperial stout with peanut butter and chocolate). Essentially, this is a big, dark, alcoholic beverage (12 percent ABV) with a peanut butter and chocolate profile. Stouts are simple (though still hard to make). Chocolate stouts can be tricky to master. Imperial stouts with chocolate are even more challenging. Then adding peanut butter? You can see how it can go off the rails.

But Ridiculous AF doesn't go off the rails, delighting me with a malty backbone and the perfect amount of rich, bitter chocolate and smooth, sweet peanut butter flavor that fades until the beer dries. It's great. No wonder people seem to love it.

Since this is a big and boozy imperial, I suggest sharing it with a drinking partner, or if you just want it yourself, let that be your treat at the end of a long day. This obviously goes well with dessert (I'd actually recommend pairing this with vanilla ice cream so you're not obfuscating the beer's chocolate and peanut butter profile with other chocolate foods), but I could pop this thing open for dinner or at most other times.

So next time you're shopping for beer and you see something with more than three ingredients, maintain a sense of optimistic caution. But if you see Ridiculous AF out there, just get it.

Rating: 9.0/10

Explanation of ratings: 9.5-10: as good as the best beer in America; 9-9.4: the best beer in Houston; 8-8.9: among the better beers in Houston; 7-7.9: really good beer; 6-6.9: try this beer at least once; 5-5.9: if you’re stuck, this won’t hurt; 3-4.9: among the lowest-quality beers in Houston; 0-2.9: as bad as the worst beer in America.

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