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Beer News: Break Out the Cheesecake for This Eureka Heights Release

Plus, Parish Brewing Co. is making some outstanding brews.

By Timothy Malcolm January 17, 2020

THIS WEEK WE TAKE A LOOK AT A COUPLE ESSENTIAL PARISH BREWING CO. beers you can find on supermarket shelves. Meanwhile, if you aren't trying to get to Eureka Heights tonight for its Rose Nylund event ... well what the vertunkenflunken is wrong with you?

News & Events

Remember, Eureka Heights’ Rose Nylund release event is at 7 p.m. today at the taproom. Tickets will be passed out starting at 3 p.m. (they expect a lot of people) for those who want a four-pack. Otherwise go at 7 p.m. and try to get a pour of the beer. Oh, and the event is doubling as a Betty White birthday party. 

Starting at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Vallensons’ will host a Lunar New Year Celebration. Come for a traditional lion dance by Soaring Phoenix Dragon & Lion Dance Association and stay for prizes (to those who are holding beers) and food vendors like the Nom Mi Street food truck.

Head to Saloon Door Brewing on Feb. 1 for its fourth annual Winter Shindig and Chili Cook Off. Winners will get trophies, beer prizes, and more, while guests will get to eat a lot of chili. Rodell Duff will perform, and there’ll be plenty of vendors and kids’ activities.

Beer Releases

Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel 25 is on its way. This will essentially be Divine Reserve No. 17—a Baltic porter—aged in port barrels.

Ingenious this week released a sour IPA called Smarty Shake Passion Fruit Yuzu. The 7.3 percent ABV New England IPA includes passionfruit and yuzu. 

Beer Reviews

No Label Squeeze & Twist: Ooh, citrus. It’s nice to have a tropical IPA that weighs in at less than 5 percent ABV. Squeeze & Twist packs in the heavy-hitter hops: Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Amarillo, but the malt power is dialed back to create a punchier, more bitter, but less boozy beer. Proof that fruity and bitter can co-exist, and without haze, and with minor consequence. I’d order this if it’s on a tap list. Rating: 7.7

Parish Pure Tropics: Then there’s haze. Pure Tropics is one of the several beers you’ll find on shelves from this popular Broussard, Louisiana, brewery, and it’s easily recognizable by its flashy label and hilariously cloudy profile. Up front you’ll smell a fruit salad of grapefruit, pineapple, guava, and on and on. It tastes hoppier than that, at least at first, before a big fruit swing hits. This reminds me of the best New England IPAs I’ve ever had. Dry and tangy on the back. A real treat. And now I want Spindletap to go even further. Rating: 9.6

Parish RêveMy wife isn’t a huge coffee stout person, but she loves Rêve, which is funny because it doesn’t hide the beans, sourced from Rêve Coffee Roasters in Lafayette, Louisiana. Bluntly, this is big coffee flavor, a superb dessert beer, and at 7.2 percent ABV I’m so happy it exists. You don’t need bourbon-barrel aged or big boozy bombs to enjoy coffee and beer together. Parish is making some of the best beer in America right now. Outstanding. Rating: 9.6

Explanation of ratings: 9.5-10: as good as the best beer in America; 9-9.4: the best beer in Houston; 8-8.9: among the better beers in Houston; 7-7.9: really good beer; 6-6.9: try this beer at least once; 5-5.9: if you’re stuck, this won’t hurt; 3-4.9: among the lowest-quality beers in Houston; 0-2.9: as bad as the worst beer in America.

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