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Beer News: Support Breweries by Taking Some Trips Next Week

The Texas Beer Collective is back with a statewide event through Labor Day.

By Timothy Malcolm August 28, 2020

Pick up beer—maybe from Southern Star in Conroe—during the upcoming Texas Beer Run.

Back on August 1, Sylvia Benavidez arrived at Bakfish Brewing Co. in Pearland to start her leg of the first Houston Beer Run, an event aimed at getting people out to breweries. Benavidez, who quickly organized the event, wasn't expecting to see 40 people already camped out at Bakfish ready to buy some crowlers.

"We had so much support," says Benavidez. Because of that, she and the group she had previously created—the Texas Beer Collective—will be back at it next week for the eight-day Texas Beer Run. The group hopes people across the state will head out to local breweries to buy beer and merchandise, all to help these small businesses struggling to make ends meet during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"We're trying to act quick so that we can help out now," says Benavidez, known primarily as a beer influencer through her Instagram and Facebook accounts under the name beerfedmother. "Time is of the essence when we're talking about keeping the doors open."

The Houston Beer Run on August 1 encompassed about 50 local breweries. Ten volunteer-run routes that connected various Houston breweries were established; for instance, the Northwest trip included Southern Star and B-52 breweries in Conroe, plus Excalibur in Spring and 11 Below near Highway 8 and the Tomball Parkway. People participating could stick to one route and purchase beer at all the included breweries, or they could create their own trips. 

After the success of that event, the group wants folks to simply take their own trips to breweries anywhere in the state. Volunteers, now called beer shepherds, will go to breweries during the event—Septemper 1-8—announcing specific times when they'll be present to help give away donated gifts like T-shirts and custom Yeti tumblers. To inquire about being a beer shepherd, email [email protected].

To take part in the Texas Beer Run, just do a route. Check in with the Texas Beer Collective beforehand for special events and giveaways over the eight days.

More beer news

Texas breweries have been reopening over the past few weeks. Why? Simply put, they can get a food and beverage certificate with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission so long as they have dedicated food for sale onsite at all times. That could mean a food truck or a dedicated kitchen. Also, the breweries have to be selling more food than alcohol. 

8th Wonder Brewery will reopen its taproom at noon Monday. It'll be open from noon to 8 p.m. daily

Spindletap Brewery's taproom reopened Thursday. It'll be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday to Saturday and from noon to 7 p.m. Sunday.

Over at No Label, the taproom is back as of Thursday. Plus, all weekend long the brewery is donating all growler fill sales of several beers to Hurricane Laura relief.

Baileson has a cool new beer this week called Chosen Family, a 4.8-percent ABV pseudo-pilsner (it's fermented with ale yeast).

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