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Popular One Fifth Tucks into Southern Comfort

Chris Shepherd's ever-transforming restaurant will feature rich and flavorful fare.

By Timothy Malcolm December 2, 2020

Roasted oysters from One Fifth Southern Comfort.

There was definitely some fan service at work when Chris Shepherd and his team turned their One Fifth space back into a Mediterranean concept upon its May reopening. But with the holidays approaching, Underbelly Hospitality decided it was time to offer a dose of comfort. So on Tuesday, service will begin at One Fifth Southern Comfort.

"I want the food on this menu to remind our guests of being with their families at a time when that may not be possible," said One Fifth chef de cuisine Matt Staph in a release. 

So Staph and company are going for bold and rich flavors that draw from both Gulf Coast culture and the vibrancy of European dining. In fact, One Fifth Romance Languages—the 2017–18 concept that focused on the food of Italy, France, and Spain—is providing inspiration, with a number of homemade pastas featured, such as gnocchi in oxtail ragout. Southern staples like flounder Pontchartrain, fried shrimp, and crab-stuffed jalapeños will also be served. Southern cocktails like juleps and milk punches will be offered at the bar.

For Christmas Eve, the restaurant will transform with a brunch inspired by Galatoire's, the New Orleans upscale French Creole landmark. The Lexus Patio's schedule of live Thursday music will remain.

As for One Fifth Mediterranean, it may return. Southern Comfort will stick around through December.

"We love One Fifth Mediterranean, but Southern food feels right for right now," said Shepherd. "The beauty of One Fifth is that it's a concept based on change, so it gives us the freedom to cook and serve the food that fits the moment."

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