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People Protested a North Houston Restaurant Because of a Countywide Facemask Policy

Mayor Sylvester Turner chimed in on the goings-on outside Miller's Cafe.

By Timothy Malcolm January 4, 2021

After seven months of restaurants enforcing a county mandate that people wear facemasks when inside and not eating or drinking, some have decided that now is the time to protest, and to do so at Miller's Cafe, of all places. 

People were decrying the mandate over the weekend outside the Miller's Café location at 3830 N Shepherd Dr in Garden Oaks, according to this report from KTRK. That's right: Despite the fact that most of us have been gladly wearing masks while going into restaurants for seven months, basically to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and not get people sick, some people decided, you know ... we need to say something.

A video of the protests was shared on the internet, and those protesting waved American flags and banners supporting President Donald Trump.

Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted late Sunday that he would support Miller's by visiting the Garden Oaks location on Monday.

"I hear they have pretty good burgers," Turner wrote. "I will patronize them Monday, and I hope you patronize them this week."

An employee at Miller's, which has four locations in the area, confirmed on Monday morning that Turner was on his way to eat lunch at the restaurant.

It's always a good idea to patronize local businesses. Grab a burger, preferably via takeout just to be as safe as possible. If you'd rather eat in the restaurant, all good, just, you know, wear a mask.

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