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5 Foodie Things to Know During the Cold Snap

From restaurants giving back to how you can help, here are a couple of items.

By Timothy Malcolm February 18, 2021

There's a lot going on as people try to recover from this unique cold snap. We've compiled a few items from the food and drink industry that we found newsworthy. Some may help, some are just inspiring. Either way, be safe, be warm, and show kindness to industry workers.

Chef Chris Williams, center, and his family hard at work cooking food for Houstonians.

1. Lucille's 1913 Has Taken the Lead In Serving Others

On Tuesday, chef Chris Williams went to the kitchen where he cooks food for his nonprofit, Lucille's 1913, which focuses on feeding people in underrepresented areas. He found that the kitchen had been broken into. No worries—since he could still cook, he simply wrangled together the family and made 150 hot meals to deliver to elderly people at the Temenos apartment complexes in Downtown Houston. Some of the meals also went to Project Row Houses in Third Ward.

And Williams has continued to whip up meals. On Wednesday, 200 more meals went to the Gallery Furniture warming center. At the end of the week, he's delivering food to residents in Acres Homes and other neighborhoods in need. Next week, he'll go to Ford Bend County to deliver another 4,000 meals.

In all, Lucille's 1913 will have made more than 5,350 hot meals over a week and a half of work. Burglary attempt be damned.

2. Restaurants Offering Specials

Here are some specials we've come across:

  • $5-per-pound crawfish at Cactus Cove. That's a steal right now.
  • At Pistoleros, get $6 green chile burgers and $4 Tecates or Espolon shots. I'll take two.
  • Reel Seafood & Wings in Missouri City is giving away free bowls of gumbo to folks in need.

Know of more? Email [email protected]

3. Need Water? Go to a Brewery

Equal Parts Brewing (formerly Sigma) is telling folks that if they come by its Harrisburg Boulevard property with an empty container, they can get free filtered water. True Anomaly in EaDo is also filling up thermoses, growlers, pots, and buckets. And Bakfish in Pearland is filling pots while serving beer and sandwiches.

If you need clean water, think breweries. Water is the most important ingredient in beer, and breweries typically filter their water as part of the brewing process. (They tend to also be good at making sanitizer.) 

4. More Giveaways and Helpfulness

Turkey Leg Hut is known as one of Houston's most popular restaurants, a celebratory spot that sees long lines regularly for its massive turkey leg meals (among other treats). Right now, though, it's just trying to get water to people. Pull up to the parking lot of the restaurant at 4830 Almeda Rd to get case of bottled water, no questions asked. 

Killen's Burgers in Pearland was giving away free burgers and fries on Thursday (it had since sold out), but you'll want to check with Killen's BBQ social for more updates. Popular EaDo cafe Koffeteria was doling out free pastries until they had no more (they ran out early Thursday afternoon).

Also, Rooftop Cinema Club has a relief station open at the Drive-In off Navigation (2315 Navigation Blvd.) until 6 p.m. The Vegan Joint food truck is handing out free meals. There may be other snacks and drinks, too. Device charging? You got it. 

5. Consider a Smaller Market, Farmers Market

You might need a few necessary foods to get by at home for the next couple of days. Whether or not you want to visit a larger grocery store, you can always check out a smaller local market. Henderson & Kane General Store is selling basic breakfast products like milk, eggs, and bacon. They also have water. Montrose Cheese & Wine is doing its thing if you're thinking of an easy, classy night indoors. Places like Heights Grocer have plenty of wine and small provisions.

Also, Urban Harvest Farmers Market will be open this weekend. The main market at 2752 Buffalo Speedway will be running from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, while the Northeast market at 5425 Troost St will have drive-thru only from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. You should try to visit a famers market near you, as local farmers were devastated by the snow and freezing temperatures. 

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