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Guide to Houston’s Tastiest Food Trucks

We've found the best mobile eateries in Houston.

By Ile-Ife Okantah and Jessica Lodge

Houston is crawling with food trucks, and we know just where to find them.  Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Although Houston has a vibrant food scene reflective of the city’s diversity, sometimes you don’t have the time or liberty to sit down in an actual restaurant. On the days when you only have time to grab something quick, or on a late night when everything is closing fast, Houston’s food trucks are here to rescue you from your culinary conundrums.  

The mobile eateries are a great way to explore the city’s expansive dining options without stepping foot inside an actual restaurant. The convenience, combined with the chefs' creativity in their cuisine, means that food truck dining in Houston is unique and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a curbside Sunday brunch, authentic Mexican street tacos or simply wanting to add some extra heat to a spicy date night through some simmering Cajun hibachi, we've created a guide to the city's best food trucks that will help you keep your food options mobile. 

As these trucks make their way through town, check their social media to see where their wheels may be rolling next. 

Mary Had a Little Party

Visit the website to find the truck's latest location. 

You'll come to Mary Had a Little Party for the desserts, but you'll stay for the nostalgia. Perhaps one of Houston's most charming food trucks, Mary Had a Little Party's retro aesthetic is ideal for the Instagram-savvy foodie. Old-fashioned soda floats, milkshakes and hand-dipped ice cream cones complement do-wop era-inspired cuisine. 

Mingo’s Latin Kitchen

Follow Mingo's Latin Kitchen on Instagram to find the truck's latest location.

Latin cuisine includes food from a continent-size list of countries, but Mingo's Latin Kitchen showcases all corners of the region through a Tex-Mex twist. The menu fuses Texas signatures with Latin specialties throughout the menu, including by adding brisket to empanadas and using pico de gallo on its namesake sandwich. The truck has amassed so much popularity that Mingo's now has two food trucks in the city. 

The Brunch Bus 

4501 Almeda Road

Located in 4501 Almeda Food & Entertainment, a new Third Ward-located food truck park, the Brunch Bus specializes in brunch eats with a twist. While the lunch hour brings in quite a crowd, this food truck is worth waiting for. Standout options include sweet and savory dishes like the sweet glazed donut burger. But if you’re looking for a real treat, revel in some red velvet, cornbread or cheddar bay-flavored waffles cut into fours and assembled with your choice of crispy fried chicken or — if you're feeling extra adventurous — some juicy lobster tails. Consider dousing your unique waffle creation with delectable sugary toppings like caramel syrup, sweet glaze and cereal. 

Stick Talk Cajun Hibachi 

5819 Richmond Ave. 

Stick Talk Cajun Hibachi is a manifestation of Houston's diverse culture. Blending Japanese cuisine and Cajun flavors, the fusion food truck dishes out fried rice with a Southern flair. Get crawfish tails, salmon or ribeye paired with made-to-order fried rice. Double up on protein with the surf and turf combo if you're looking for something to stick to your ribs. Before you take your first bite, add one of seven sauces like spicy yum yum or spicy garlic butter to your dish to boost the Asian-Cajun explosion in your mouth.

Houston's Pink Box

Follow Houston's Pink Box on Instagram to find the truck's latest location.

Elle Woods would surely give this establishment an instant stamp of approval. Houston's Pink Box specializes in, you guessed it, pink-hued foods. Everything on the menu is pink, whether the homemade pink chicken tacos or pink beef quesadillas. The Mexican Cheesesteak is one of the prettiest menu offerings, featuring bolillo bread filled with fajitas doused in nacho cheese and topped with colorful pico de gallo and pink sour cream.

Screwstons Kitchen

1989 Fry Road, Katy, TX 77449

Latina-owned Screwstons Kitchen is inspired by the late Houston music legend DJ Screw, and that inspiration extends to the food. The 100% halal menu includes a screwburger drizzled in a sizzurp glaze, a swangin' chicken sandwich with special screw sauce, and the chopped and screwed fries paired with the purple ranch (no, really, it's purple!). 

Dripped Birria's street tacos and elote. 

Image: Dripped Birria 

Dripped Birria 

2829 Chimney Rock Road, 1731 Westheimer Road

Dripped Birria's expansion with two locations in the Galleria area should tell you how good the food is. The tendered stew meat is all the rave in the city, and Dripped Birria is the go-to place to get your birria fix. All dishes are cooked to order with birria — whether it's filled in a tortilla, sprinkled atop nachos or seared in quesadillas. To get the real authentic experience, though, you should order a cup of elote or consomme on the side. To wash it all down, purchase a cup of fresh agua fresca or horchata. 

Houston Sauce Pit

4906 Almeda Road

Houston Sauce Pit was conceived after owners Jarrett Milton and Courtney Lindsey went vegan. They subsequently birthed the food truck, which is now well known for its "veef" brisket and smoked jackfruit. Located on Almeda, the Sauce Pit is the go-to spot for those looking for barbecue flavor without animal-based protein. Try the loaded brisket mac and cheese made from Beyond Meat patties with the owner's secret seasoning or a delicious baked potato smothered with chives and vegan cheese and butter.

Soul Good Street Eatz

2829 Chimney Rock Road

Nothing is stopping you from getting a home-cooked Southern meal on the go at Soul Good Street Eatz, parked in the Galleria food truck park. From the sweet candied yams that your grandma used to make to freshly picked collard greens, your appetite for soul food is sure to be fulfilled. At Soul Good Street Eatz, you’ll be able to fill your plate with everything from fried catfish, spaghetti and meat sauce, fried okra and dirty rice — and you absolutely cannot forget the buttery cornbread.

Gooroo's Wood Fire Pizza

Follow Gooroo's Wood Fire Pizza on Instagram to find the truck's latest location.

Not all of us have the luxury of having a firewood pizza oven at home, but Gooroo's gives us the next best thing: wood-fired pizza on wheels. The family-owned restaurant specializes in fresh-out-of-the-oven pizzas made from imported Italian caputo flour and Gooroo's signature pizza sauce. Treat yourself to a whole pie or bring it home for the family; either way, you'll find a small piece of Italy in Houston.


1205 Almeda Genoa Road

Carrying out his grandfather's dream of opening a restaurant, owner Edward Kellup has made good on his promise to continue his family’s legacy. At Pardi’s, enjoy original Louisiana-style dishes such as fried shrimp and catfish and roast beef and hot sausage po' boys. Although you can always count on the delight of a classic, you can't leave Pardi’s without trying the handcrafted burgers with special bayou cheese sauce and smoked applewood bacon. 

Waffle O’licious

Follow Waffle O’licious on Facebook for the truck's latest location.

Waffle O’licious takes a breakfast staple and turns it into a meal suitable for any time of day. The truck uses authentic Belgian waffles to create almost anything you can imagine, and the creativity is on display throughout its menu. Go big with the “O” Pollo Nachos, a deep-fried waffle covered with meats, cheeses, jalapenos and sriracha, or keep it traditional with the “O” Basic Chick, which is a tasty spin on chicken and waffles. 

Bun Slut smash burgers. 

Image: Bun Slut

Bun Slut

2829 Chimney Road, 1731 Westheimer Road

Located in both the Galleria and Montrose areas, this burger joint serves juicy smash burgers with all the fixings, finished off with homemade slut sauce — a sign that things are about to get messy. Consider sprucing up your burger by ordering two patties between Texas toast to make a slutty melt, or devour an order of slutty fries served with cheese, grilled onions and the Bun Slut's signature sauce. But what is a meal without having some dessert? Make sure to save room to try the fruity pebbles or cinnamon toast crunch milkshakes for an experience that is completely slutty. 


7919 Westheimer Road

A harmonious blend of Korean barbecue and Mexican cuisine, Coreanos in Royden Oaks sports a menu that offers a unique spin on the two cuisines. Take the kimchi fries, for example, which can be loaded up with your choice of Korean-style meat or tofu before it’s all drizzled with El Scorcho sauce, which adds a punch of  Mexican flavor to the meal. Another standout on the menu, the Korean barbecue burrito, features fun flavor mashups like beef bulgogi paired with cilantro, and it earned Coreanos a shout-out from the Food Network.

OMG Baked Potatoes

13815 S. Post Oak Road

Baked potatoes are meant to be stuffed to maximum capacity, and OMG Baked Potatoes takes that to the next level. The loaded potatoes come with a surprise on the inside — an entire meal. If you're in the mood for seafood, consider adding lobster tails or fiyah garlic shrimp to your order. If you’re in the mood for something heavier, choose the chicken bacon ranch, brisket or oxtail. And since OMG's potatoes aren't a side dish or snack, be sure to have on your eating pants when you make your visit. 

Chocolate Wasted

2600 Navigation Blvd.

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in the best way possible, visit the Chocolate Wasted food truck in Second Ward. Although the name may imply otherwise, this truck sells ice cream in all flavors. Standouts include the white chocolate carrot cake and the holy mole spiced chocolate. The truck also carries other sweet frozen treats such as artisan-style popsicles and ice cream cakes.

Yummy's Bite Hot Chicken 

1001 Westheimer Road

Hot chicken is slowly becoming a popular meal within the city, and this restaurant chain is spreading like wildfire. A Montrose marketplace favorite, Yummy’s Bite Hot Chicken’s  mouthwatering fare is sure to have you reaching for your drink while also having you making plans to come back for more. This food truck is not only notable for its recipes but for the many combinations that you can create to satisfy your hunger. Create your own hot chicken dish by fusing the hot chicken with curry sauce. Or ask for the frywarma — chicken marinated in Syrian spices, wrapped in pita bread with pickled turnips and drizzled in garlic sauce. You can also enjoy waffle fries loaded with your favorite sauce, creamy mac and cheese, or a Syrian chicken waffle slider topped with syrup and an extra-yummy sauce.

Foreign Policy

Follow Foreign Policy on Instagram or Facebook to find the truck's next destination.

Houston is known as the most diverse city in the nation, and Foreign Policy celebrates this diversity by serving cuisine from many cultures. The fare is inspired by Korean, Greek, American and Mexican cuisine, so it's perfect for those friend groups who always struggle to settle on a place to eat. Grab a donut cheeseburger if you're feeling especially American, or opt for a Greek gyro if you want a taste of the Mediterranean.

Clutch City Cluckers

5550 Val Verde St., 9598 S. Main St.

No matter what you choose, every menu item you pick is a win at Clutch City Cluckers. And fans of the chicken spot can rejoice because the franchise will soon add another location in order to satisfy Houston's high demand for its cluckin’ good fare. At Clutch City Cluckers, you can choose from heat levels that range from mild to cluck it like it's hot. Options for how you can have your chicken served to you abound and range from brioche buns, stuffed Texas toast, flour tortillas or the loaded fries with the truck’s signature cheesy sauce.

Kurbside Eatz

Follow Kurbside Eatz on Instagram or Facebook to find the truck's next destination.

Serving comfort food with an Asian twist, Kurbside Eatz has flaky paratha tortilla tacos and loaded fries with Asian marinated ribeye, kimchi and tons of cheese. But the blended flavors don't stop at the large plates. Sides like the Philly cheesesteak egg rolls are the best of both worlds. You can find the graffitied Kurbside Eatz truck, initially based in Beaumont, touring the city.

Krack Kitchen 

4501 Almeda Road

In the Almeda food truck park, you'll find Krack Kitchen, and this hot spot's assignment is to get you "addickt'd" to its food. Good food is the game, and every dish is made with just enough spice to sizzle your taste buds. The chicken wings are made fresh and tossed into a sweet and spicy glaze, and the blackened catfish is seasoned to perfection and laid atop a shrimp and sausage jambalaya. 

Tasty Arepa

5002 Washington Ave.

Tasty Arepa is permanently parked in the West End and specializes in arepas, the cornmeal cakes native to South America. The food truck also offers authentic Venezuelan and Colombian food wrapped in doughy goodness such as empanadas, tequenos, patacones and cachapas. For a total South American comfort food immersion, try the Colombian hot dog topped with raspberry sauce, cheese, mustard, potato sticks and a quail egg.  

Soul Behind Tha Stove

12401 S. Post Oak Road

Husband-and-wife duo Marco and Rayna Ware started Soul Behind Tha Stove as a joint passion project in 2019 and have gained a solid following since. The soul food stop is housed at the Power Center in southwest Houston and boasts a menu filled with modern takes on traditional soul food dishes think waffle truffle cheese fries and the fresh-made crab cake po' boys. With food this good, this food truck is sure to keep your belly filled.

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