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Beloved Montrose Gym Opens $3 Million State-of-the-Art Facility

Family-owned Timberline Fitness has new 7,000-square-foot digs.

By Abby Ledoux January 24, 2020

Timberline Fitness debuted its new 7,000-square-foot gym in November.

After more than two decades on Montrose Boulevard, the family-owned Timberline Fitness has upgraded its digs. The beloved neighborhood gym stayed in Montrose but relocated to a 7,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility at 4305 Jack St. this past November.

The new space off of Richmond Avenue is $3 million and two years in the making. Timberline owner Dean Theriot purchased the 9,500 square-foot lot in 2017 and designed the modern building with Keenon Rayner of Identity Architects, making Timberline the first independently owned gym in the Loop to be built from the ground up on its own land.

Theriot customized this gym to be similar to Timberline's former home, which boasted high ceilings and an open-concept feel. In the new space, "the open mezzanine layout allows for maximum light," Theriot says. "And everyone loves a basketball court!"

The space also includes two private rooms dedicated to Timberline's Pilates program, home to eight reformer machines and two Cadillacs. Multiple instructors teach around 20 Pilates classes—both mat and reformer—each week.

Trainers Naché Mace and Kelsey Taylor practice reformer skills in the Pilates studio.

Speaking of, all of Timberline's trainers are college-educated career trainers with diverse pasts: Jeff Raben spent seven years as an Army Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan; Nache Mace danced professionally with the Oklahoma City Ballet; Wooch Graff has competed on NBC's Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge; and Jennifer Theriot was a successful attorney before pivoting to fitness and nutrition.

Jennifer, owner Dean's wife, is not the only Theriot on staff, either. Son Garrett and daughter-in-law Sara are both trainers, making Timberline an actual family affair.

"It's a familial atmosphere," Dean Theroit says. "Our members are much more to us than just a number. We know their kids' names, their dogs' names. We genuinely care about each other."

Garrett Theriot boxes with member Chris Shepherd.

It's that close-knit environment that quickly earned Timberline its reputation as the "Cheers" of gyms back when it first opened in 1996. Beyond training, members also compete together—collectively, they've won the Expresso Bike Worldwide Competition four years in a row, cycling more miles than gyms that dwarf them in size.

After more than 20 years in the business, Timberline continues to eschew trendy fitness regimens to instead focus on personal training and old-school, tried-and-true methods like weight training and cardio programs like spinning.

The new gym is open seven days a week, with 24-hour access available to members for an additional fee.

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