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Here’s How A Houston Trainer Is Motivating Clients To Reach Their Fitness Goals

Alphanso Williams chats with Houstonia about tips and tricks for accomplishing workout resolutions.

By Danielle Wright

The Elite ISSA certified coach is spilling the secrets on keeping his clients active

Image: Will McGriff

As we reach the middle of January and we are well into the first two weeks of going to the gym again, it may seem easy to fall off track. With colder temperatures sparking the famous, “I’ll just workout tomorrow,” phrase, staying in seems like the better option than going for a workout. Houston Trainer, Alphanso Williams, otherwise known as Mr. Flexx, has cracked the code to keeping clients on track with accomplishing their workout goals. 

After achieving his Elite ISSA certification in 2020, Williams spent the past two years transforming over 200 local Houstonians into their best and fit selves. As of January, the Group Training Specialist and Nutrition Coach, has acquired an additional 15 clients to his Real Life Flex brand who's interested in his exclusive fitness routine

“I've always been an athlete, and over time I worked out with so many people doing free workouts for two summers,” Williams tells Houstonia. “I started taking training seriously when COVID happened because that's when everyone needed help from gaining weight.”

The saying goes, “abs are made in the kitchen” however, it’s important to have a bite to eat before a high powered workout. For days where you may feel super tired or a little too drained to exercise, having a healthy snack can instantly give an energy boost. Small treats like protein bars, dried fruits and nuts and even dark chocolate covered almonds can power up your body for a routine. Williams recommends cashews, Boom Chicka popcorn and his special juice recipe to his clients. 

“I’ve been juicing a lot recently. I like to blend pineapple, mango, lemon, ginger and add carrots or celery for extra nutrients.” Williams reveals. 

Williams gearing up for the next session.

Image: Will McGriff

According to Livestrong, half of new gym members quit within the first six months with 23% not effectively using their membership. In 2020 74% of Americans tried fitness apps to stay fit. While the gym may not always be a go-to place, there are home workouts that are easy and effective to shedding a few pounds. Williams says calisthenic workouts are feasible for home. 

“If you're really trying to gain muscle, that's a good reason to come to the gym. If your goal is just to maintain and stay healthy, calisthenic workouts, such as pushups, pull ups, squats, dips, and burpees work the best. You can also add in some ab work and resistant bands or something as simple as a towel. You can do many workouts with those,” Williams explains. 

Complying with COVID regulations, Williams and client are staying safe training six feet apart. 

Image: Will McGriff

Between seasonal depression, capricious temperatures and the occasional procrastination, going to the gym may seem like a chore rather than a healthy activity. While exercising is helpful in passing through the winter blues, Williams offers three key pieces of advice to his clients when they begin to feel uninspired. 

“Writing down your health goals is really helpful. Having realistic expectations of yourself and having accountability with a good routine will help you stay on course,” Williams advises. "Lastly, remembering your reason or your why is essential for a healthy transformation. For me, it's more of a mind game. Once your mind knows what you want, your body will follow and that's what working out is for me. If you want to be strong, continue to work out.” 

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