100 Years That Changed a City

A photographic inquiry into the nature of us

July 9, 2015 Published in the July 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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“The true astonishment of Houston, the allure that draws the migrants and fuels the imagination of the nations, is not what it is, still less what it looks like, but what it does.”

—Jan Morris, “Boomtown!”
Ice man 800 px kxmief

A deliveryman for the Home Ice Company hauls a 25-pound ice block cleaved from a 100-pound block, 1928. 

Friendswood fig plant print dbpihv

Women at a plant in Friendswood preserve figs, then the area’s largest cash crop, c. 1930. 

0715 history monorail main old spanish trail khvhhe

A 1,600-foot monorail line, under consideration as a solution to traffic woes, is erected at Old Spanish Trail and Main St.—and torn down eight months later, 1956. 

0715 history hakeem olajuwon uh basketball phi slamma jamma xjepq6

Hakeem Olajuwon hugs a UH coach after the legendary Phi Slama Jama team defeats Louisville in the NCAA semifinals, 1983. 

Pierce junction 40x70 copy gbncxq

Workers on break at the Pierce Junction oil field, where NRG Stadium now stands, 1928.

Image: Sloane Gallery 

“It was [the Malaysians] especially, he reported, who seemed most to love Houston. They were singularly articulate about the limits of where they came from. The stifling rigidity. The paternalism. Yes, Houston is nuts. But it’s so much fun. There is such individualism. You have so much freedom.”

–Joel Garreau, Edge City
Sylvan beach picnic tables 1 jkvcbr

LaPorte’s Sylvan Beach Park, a popular venue for community dances and company picnics, c. 1930.

0715 history notsuoh festival crawfish suits cmfar7

Young men dress as crawfish and women during the No-tsu-oh Festival, then the city’s biggest annual event, 1913. 

0715 history neighborhood swimming hole uijioz

A neighborhood swimming hole keeps Houstonians cool during un-air-conditioned summers, c. 1915.

0715 history urban animals roller skating ngudju

Members of the Urban Animals, an informal group of street skaters, celebrate the 5th anniversary of the group’s founding by skating through downtown, 1984. 

0715 history first annual pride parade marys float pffger

A float from Mary’s, the city’s iconic gay bar, cruises down Lower Westheimer during the first annual Pride Parade in Montrose, 1979. 

0715 history anna nicole smith courtroom bktcwy

Anna Nicole Smith laughs during courtroom proceedings held to decide the fate of the $1.6 billion fortune of J. Howard Marshall, her late husband, 2000. 

Uh frontier lezyi4

Young coeds dance on stage at UH’s annual Frontier Fiesta festival, which LIFE called “the Greatest College Show on Earth,” c. 1950. 

“The milieu to which I mainly belong—the intelligentsia or “art crowd”—is another hardy scene that nevertheless eludes the world’s image of Houston, maybe because intellectuals are less easily packaged into mythology than cowboy boots.”

—Phillip Lopate, Against Joie de Vivre: Personal Essays
0715 history king carter jazzing orchestra bqfata

The five-piece King & Carter Jazzing Orchestra poses for a photo, 1921. 

0715 history iris theatre pqepzo

The promise of free A/C and peanuts lures children to downtown’s Iris Theater, then connected to two other theaters, the Texas and the Uptown, via underground tunnel, 1928. 

0715 history jones hall houston symphony opening night zwjnp3

Concertgoers outside Jones Hall ignore front-page news of a plunging stock market on the Houston Symphony’s opening night, 1967. 

0715 history rothko chapel modern dance jhb3bi

Patrons take in a modern dance performance at the Rothko Chapel, 1979.

0715 history erik carla bruhn houston ballet giselle trwstf

Carla Fracci and Erik Bruhn, two of the greatest dancers of the era, star in the Houston Ballet’s production of Giselle, 1967.

“The one thing that impressed me about Houston when I came here 12 years ago was the basic friendliness. That ‘howdy’ attitude they had. That they still do…. What are you wanting, eventually? A pretty structure? Or a pretty society?”

—Mickey Kapoor, restaurateur, quoted in Joel Garreau’s Edge City 
Galveston beach mother son car food copy sv3kl8

Mother and son share a snack at the Galveston Beach Mother and Son Picnic, 1929. 

H and h ranch club bh0dlk

Kids kick back at the H & H Ranch and Club in north Houston, a popular hangout for high school students, c. 1940. 

Counter girl a pm2yi1

A San Jacinto High School student works as a cashier after school, 1948.

Weingartens659 nsc3yk

Grocers await the public outside the just-opened second location of Weingarten’s in downtown Houston, 1920.  

Image: Sloane Gallery 

Watermelon time lqksy2

Young girls enjoy a refreshing treat during a summer visit to Luna Park, the “Coney Island of Texas,” at 2200 Houston Ave., now the location of the I-10 and I-45 interchange, c. 1925.

Image: Sloane Gallery 

0715 history george h w bush rodeo bikdyb

George H. W.  Bush, then the vice president and Republican presidential hopeful, rides in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Parade, 1988. 

Houston watch co drjifd

R.J. Slagle invites customers into his downtown store, the Houston Watch Co., 1928. 

Image: Sloane Gallery 

“Houston, filled with graft and greed and ambition and crime and vice and poverty and Aladdin wealth and Old South aristocracy and Middle West materialism and New York capital.”

—George Williams, The Blind Bull
0715 history shamrock hotel protestors sytqtv

Houstonians protest the planned demolition—only 33 years after its construction—of Glenn McCarthy’s Med Center masterpiece, the Shamrock Hotel, 1982.

0715 history sam maceo gambling magnate balinese room arrest bqu336

Galveston gambling magnate and organized crime boss Sam Maceo, owner of famous casino The Balinese Room, under arrest for violating federal narcotics laws, 1937. 

0715 history kenneth lay enron arrest mrzd6u

Kenneth Lay, former chairman and CEO of Enron, is escorted into federal court, 2004.

0715 history ella fitzgerald arrest mghckk

Ella Fitzgerald, right, sits with her assistant in a HPD holding cell after she and fellow jazz great Dizzy Gillespie were arrested for allegedly throwing dice in Fitzgerald’s dressing room at the Houston Music Hall, 1955.

0715 history sharpstown stock fraud fdic checks vzppuw

Secretaries print reams of FDIC checks while investigating the Sharpstown stock fraud scandal that ended the careers of Houston businessman Frank W. Sharp and Texas House Speaker Gus Mutscher, Jr., among others, 1971.

“Houston has never been conventionally pretty; but, hot, shady, and overgrown, it’s always been alluring to those who saw, or more likely sensed, opportunity in its overwhelming, almost overweening, fecundity.”

—Mimi Swartz and Sherron Watkins, Power Failure: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Enron
Garden party hc bar assoc szbewt

The Harris County Bar Association hosts a garden party at the River Oaks Country Club, c. 1930.

Image: Sloane Gallery 

0715 history sightseers niels esperson building oyieyo

Sightseers take in the view from the tempietto atop the 32-story Niels Esperson Building, the tallest in Texas upon its completion, 1927.

Exxon lunch rdwuo0

Members conduct business over lunch at the Petroleum Club, atop the ExxonMobil building, 1980.

Image: Sloane Gallery 

First model a houston 175 edit igrvyz

The proud owner of Houston’s first Model A Ford shows off his purchase to friends downtown, 1928.

Image: Sloane Gallery 

The flotsam rained down on east Texas and Louisiana, and one of the things that washed down from the sky was a mission patch from STS-107….It would certainly be useless in helping to determine the cause of Columbia’s destruction, but I could not look at this patch without feeling that stitched deep into the fabric was some sort of discernible clue to understanding the men and women who had dreamed of flying to the heavens, and who had died trying to come home to earth.”

—Stephen Harrigan, “Heaven & Earth”
0715 history pallbearers funeral texas city disaster g3ok8d

A crowd of mourners watches as pallbearers line up caskets containing some of the 581 victims of the Texas City Disaster, still the deadliest industrial accident in US history, 1947.

0715 history john f jacqueline kennedy motorcade spoc1z

John F. Kennedy and wife Jacqueline ride through Houston in a motorcade on the day before the president’s assassination in Dallas, 1963. 

0715 history trinity gardens flooding family rowboat gtesax

A family is rowed away from their home near Trinity Gardens following a summer storm that caused deadly flooding citywide, 1973. 

0715 history nancy reagan challenger explosion wzhfbb

First Lady Nancy Reagan hugs a daughter of astronaut Ronald McNair at a memorial service for the seven astronauts killed when the Challenger space shuttle exploded, 1986. 

0715 history st catherines convent westbury katrina d4xzjp

Three Vietnamese women pray together at St. Catherine’s convent in Westbury, which took in 300 New Orleans evacuees following Hurricane Katrina, 2005.

“Our enemies have given us the chance to prove that there will be another USS Houston, and yet another USS Houston if that becomes necessary, and still another USS Houston as long as American ideals are in jeopardy.”

—President Franklin D. Roosevelt
0715 history uss houston memorial day rally mfz169

One thousand Houston men are sworn in as servicemen during a Memorial Day rally to replace the crew of the USS Houston, which had sunk during the Battle of Sunda Strait just a few months earlier. Bayou City residents also helped raise $85 million in war bonds, enough to both replace the Houston and construct a new aircraft carrier, the San Jacinto, 1942.

“The public believed that a woman had to have, over and above and beyond other aspirations, a home and family….I thought it unfortunate that the public perceived such a neat little box for us, and that in most cases we felt that the box was right. I thought: The question you have to decide, Barbara Jordan, is whether you’re going to fly in the face of what everybody expects out there because you’ve got your eye someplace else, or whether you can bring the public along to understand that there are some women for whom other expectations are possible.”

—Barbara Jordan and Shelby Hearon, Barbara Jordan: A Self Portrait
0715 history beth yeshurun trader vics cfptcg

At a luncheon for Congregation Beth Yeshurun, women enjoy cocktails at Trader Vic’s, 1969. 

Shamrock pool tjdqtx

Members of the Corkettes, a synchronized swimming team based at the Shamrock Hotel, pose for a picture, c. 1950.  

0715 history barbara young gemini 3 mission dxijdx

Barbara Young, along with her children, watches TV coverage of the Gemini 3 orbit mission, which was piloted by her husband, astronaut John W. Young, 1965.

0715 history lynn wyatt home river oaks pbapyn

Philanthropist and socialite Lynn Wyatt relaxes inside her River Oaks home, a framed portrait of her over the fireplace, 1978.

0715 history barbara jordan guitar wfuucq

Barbara Jordan, the first black politician elected to the Texas Senate since 1883 and the first black Southern woman elected to the US House of Representatives, strums her guitar, 1970. 

Madings drugs soda counter model wlkf78

A patron sips a milkshake at the Mading’s Drug Store counter, c. 1950.  

Image: Sloane Gallery 

0715 history mama ninfa laurenzo i42jie

“Mama” Ninfa Laurenzo smiles at son Jack in the Ninfa’s on Navigation kitchen, 1978.

0715 history bathing beauties houston spa ms9ke4

Bathing beauties frolic beneath a hand-painted mural at an unknown Houston spa, 1967.

“One might say of Houston that one never gets there. It feels as if one is always on the way, always arriving, always looking for the place where everything comes together.”

—Ada Louise Huxtable 
Main bellaire detail sign 16x20 edited zxafpk

Houston Lighting & Power’s electric sign at the corner of Main St. and Bellaire Blvd. (now W. Holcombe Blvd.) welcomes visitors to the city., 1928. 

Image: Sloane Gallery 

0715 history houston rockets downtown ticker tape parade zv426k

A downtown ticker tape parade celebrates the second of Houston Rockets’s back-to-back NBA championships, 1995.

0715 history sam houston statue unveiling hermann park r1xqgg

Locals watch as the Sam Houston statue is erected in Hermann Park, 1917.

0715 history san jacinto battleground ship channel o8nmvk

Picnickers and park-goers enjoy the Ship Channel view from the San Jacinto battleground, 1920.

0715 history apollo 11 splashdown mike collins home ge80ez

Pat Collins (in red), wife of astronaut Mike Collins, celebrates the Apollo 11 splashdown with a houseful of friends, 1969.

0715 history salt grass trail ride g1e4ln

A well-heeled crowd enjoys barbecue at the annual Salt Grass Trail Ride from Brenham to Houston, 1965.


Special Thanks

We are indebted to several Houstonians for their contributions to this photo essay. Our cover image and many others were taken from the collection of Story Sloane, whose gallery (1570 S. Dairy Ashford, sloanegallery.com) has many unique photographs of Houston available for purchase. All of the quotations were taken from an essay collection, Literary Houston (TCU Press), edited by David Theis, to our mind the best book about this city in several years. Finally, we are grateful for the work of two Houston Public Library photo archivists, Joel Draut and Tim Ronk, whose help in selecting images from among the library’s vast collection was invaluable.