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On Biking

“Some of the best biking routes are along the White Oak and Brays Bayou Greenways. Buffalo Bayou Park has great trails that you can ride with any kind of bike. I also love riding through some of Houston’s historic neighborhoods like Freedmen’s Town (Fourth Ward), and Third Ward around Texas Southern University and the University of Houston. The good news for those who are new to the city and may not have bikes is that it’s pretty easy to rent a B-cycle.” —Senator Rodney Ellis

On Eating Your Own Vegetables

Sunshine’s, a minority- and locally-owned business about seven minutes from downtown, is one of my favorite Houston eateries. They offer a great selection of reasonably priced vegan foods, including some of the best kale salads in town. Whether you’re vegan or not, you should definitely give this place a try.” —RE

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On Keeping Your Facial Hair Looking Fabulous

“The best place is Traci Scott Salon. They specialize in mustaches and beards and can do whatever you want. It’s an old-fashioned shave with the straight razor and the warm towel. It’s awesome.”—Juan Carlos, professional rollerblader/entertainer

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On Parking Downtown

“Most people still don’t realize that most on-street parking downtown is free after 6 p.m. every day of the week. We’d prefer you take an Uber to the bars rather than park, but Saturday is sort of an exception. Parking downtown is free all day on Sunday, so if you want you can drive downtown, leave your car overnight, and grab it the next day.” —Bobby Heugel, owner, Anvil Bar & Refuge, The Pastry War

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On Fighting the Sun

“What I’ve learned about living in Houston is to keep an umbrella in the car—for the rain and the sun. Sun is cumulative; if you just walk to the building where you work every day, you have as much as two hours of sun exposure when you add it up, so if you don’t want sunspots (and none of us do) use your umbrella, it’s the best thing. Always keep sunglasses in the car, too.” —Joanne King Herring, socialite/philanthropist

On Bargain-Hunting and Looking Good

“The Women’s Home reNew and reDo fashion show at the Wortham has a lot of things that are brand new, that and the Salvation Army Chic Boutique at the River Oaks Country Club in the spring. There’s not one of us who hasn’t made mistakes in our purchasing—get it home, wear it once, and then we hate it because it hates us. At the Salvation Army event, I once bought a Chanel blouse covered with ruffles and ribbons that was brand new and still had the price tag. Here’s the secret: You have to have it fitted to you. That is the couture look.” —JKH

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On Traffic

“I will say, traffic-wise, Richmond is always better than Westheimer. And if you’re going to the Galleria, the best garage is the green garage. If you’re driving eastward on West Alabama, after you go underneath the mall crossover there’s a little bitty one-lane garage entrance that puts you next to Macy’s.”  —Katherine Whaley, ABC 13 traffic reporter

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