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Greek poutine from Helen Greek Food & Wine

Already tried everything on the menu at your favorite restaurants? Chances are, you haven’t ordered these secret suppers.

Helen Greek Food & Wine

Ask for: Greek Poutine—fries, shredded gyro meat and feta topped with gravy made from gyro drippings
Pay: $7

Max's Wine Dive

Ask for: Chicken-fried lobster tail with mashed potatoes, collard greens and Texas toast
Pay: $55 on Washington with lobster fondue, $40 on Fairview without

Pappa Charlie's Barbeque

Ask for: The Elkins—smoked, bacon-wrapped meatloaf and five-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese topped with barbecue sauce on toast—only available on Tuesdays
Pay: $14

Genji Japanese Restaurant

Ask for: Curry ramen, which you’ll want after a long night of sake bombs and karaoke
Pay: $6

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