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It's Never Too Late to Learn a New Language

In Houston, the only real problem is picking which one to learn first.

By Marianella Orlando February 20, 2017 Published in the March 2017 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Discover Arabic at the Arab American Cultural and Community Center

Serving students age 16 and up since 1997, the center incorporates language lessons, conversational practice, Arabic movies and more into its lessons. “You’re not only learning a language,” says student Akbar Sayeed, who lives in Sugar Land and also speaks Urdu. “You’re learning the culture the language comes from and the history of those people who speak it. That makes it beautiful.”

Parlez-vous French at the Alliance Français de Houston

Ever dined out and cursed yourself for not paying attention during your high school French class? It’s never too late to put your days of mispronouncing—and misunderstanding—behind you. There’s a class for you here no matter your skill level.

Try Chinese at the Asia Society

Tired of wandering the aisles of 99 Ranch in confusion? You might be less confused, anyway, after an introductory adult Mandarin Chinese course, offered in partnership with the Chinese Community Center. If the difficulty of the language is scaring you off, consider this: While the class covers pronunciation, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, it doesn’t require memorization of written characters.

Improve Your Italian at the Italian Cultural and Community Center

It’s easy to forget this, we know, but there’s more to Italy than just the food. Learn the language and culture by taking a course at the center, or take your own private class to fine-tune your skills.

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