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Breaking down a pig at Revival Market

Image: Troy Fields

Butcher Your Own Meat at Revival Market

Twenty-eight students are packed into the kitchen at Revival Market in the Heights. Some are chefs; some are hunters; some are the recipient of an anniversary present from a spouse. All are rapt as co-owner Morgan Weber and his butcher describe the steps that will take the left side of a Gloucestershire Old Spots pig grown at Yonder Way Farm in Fayetteville, an hour and a half west of Houston, from anatomical specimen to bacon.

“No one expects you to order a 290-pound pig from us and butcher it on your kitchen table,” Weber says. But given the intuitive method he teaches, students might be able to. Most meat cutters who work from whole animals in the United States use Anglo-American methods that involve cutting across muscle groups to get the cuts we’re used to seeing in supermarkets. When Weber and his partner Ryan Pera opened Revival in 2011, they studied a continental European technique known as seam butchery, which teases out individual muscles with minimal sawing.

Not everyone works up an appetite seeing where meat comes from, but for those who do, a meal is included with the demo. The night we attended, it was Italian sausage stuffing, roasted squash with pork ragú, and a well-rendered porchetta. For meat lovers, there are few evenings better devoted to pigging out in all its forms.

Grow a Garden at Urban Harvest

Whether your thumb is green or a decaying brown, the nonprofit will likely have something to teach you about raising delicious food of your own. This month brings classes on topics including growing fruit trees in limited space and how to start a community garden.

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Making kolaches from scratch at Central Market

Image: Kelly Jaggers

Cook a Better Meal at Central Market

National names like Food Lab writer J. Kenji López-Alt often include teaching in the demo kitchen here on their tour schedules, but the classes taught by regular staff are just as enlightening. This month, options include learning to flambé sauces, sharpening knife skills and making kolaches from scratch—what could be better than going home with some serious Tex-Czech skills under your belt?

Know Your Wine at the Texas Wine School

Want to impress—not annoy—the sommelier with your questions? The Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s classes held here are aimed at professionals, but for serious oenophiles, learning terminology, varieties and storage techniques can only be a path to a life of better-tasting wine.

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