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Houston, Get Your Green Cans Ready: Curbside Recycling Returns Next Month

The city is resuming normal recycling schedules soon after removing 1 million cubic yards of Harvey debris.

By Laura Furr Mericas October 25, 2017

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Curbside recycling pickup will resume Nov. 13 and Nov. 20 in Houston. 

The “will they, won’t they" pickup saga of Houston’s post-Harvey residential recycling services was put to bed this morning when the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department officially set the date to resume operations next month.

After a more than two-month suspension in service in order to focus on removing 1 million cubic yards of Harvey debris, the city will resume curbside recycling collection Nov. 13 for “B Week” residents and Nov. 20 for “A Week” residents. Click here to see what group your home falls into and here for a detailed calendar of when your cans will be picked up for the rest of the year.

Mayor Sylvester Turner estimated earlier this month that recycling could resume as soon as the first week of November while Houstonians have anxiously awaited an official date.

Well, the wait is finally over, but before joining in on a city-wide sigh of relief, there are a few guidelines the waste management department thinks you should know: 

  1. Harvey debris is not recyclable and should not be placed in green cans
  2. Don’t bag your recyclables. Loose materials help keeps the process quick and clean.
  3. Glass items will not be accepted in recycle pickup yet. These should still be dropped at recycling locations. Suggested recyclable items include paper, cardboard, clean food cartons, plastic containers numbers one through five and seven, aluminum cans and bimetal cans
  4. Junk waste and yard waste services are still focused on hurricane debris removal. These services have not yet resumed.
  5. All recycle drop off locations will continue to operate seven days a week. Call 3-1-1 for more info.

Apart from this, we just have to stuff those recyclables down a little bit further for a little bit longer, Houston. Next month we roll! 

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