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10 News Stories Y'all Really Liked in 2017

And no, they're not all about Harvey.

By Nicki Koetting December 29, 2017

It's been quite the year, Houston. We don't need to remind you of the most newsworthy happenings in 2017, which many of our most-read stories this year reflect. There are a few surprises here, though—such as your deep love for Boom 92 (RIP), old battleships, and hotel pools.

Below, our most popular stories from 2017. 

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Don't look down.

1. The View from Market Square Tower's Pool Will Totally Freak You Out

Behold, the No. 1 most-read Houstonia post of 2017! If there's one thing we learned about Houstonians this year, it's that despite our differences, we all have one thing in common: We're afraid of heights.

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2. Donate to These Local Houston Charities

In yet another example of how generous Houstonians are, our readers wanted to know where to donate after Hurricane Harvey. 

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Image: Flickr/Maggie

3. Yes, Floating Fire Ant Nests Are a Real Thing

Because 51 inches of rain dumped on our city wasn't bad enough, in 2017 we learned that giant balls of ankle-biting devils will survive even the most catastrophic of storms.


What a difference a day makes. #hurricaneharvey 📸by @rabbicohanski

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4. These Before-and-After Photos Show the Extent of Houston's Flooding

Three days after Harvey made landfall, Houston was underwater—and almost completely unrecognizable.

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Image: Via Facebook

5. Kieu Hoang Donates $5 Million to Hurricane Harvey Relief in Houston

“I come here to thank the American people who allowed us to come to this country as a refugee in early 1975,” the Californian billionaire said.

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Nottingham Forest residents conducted their own rescues on boats and rafts after Hurricane Harvey.

Image: Soleil Watt

6. In Heavily Flooded West Houston, a Neighborhood Comes Together to Save Itself

"We understand what had to happen with the release of the dams. That’s what they’re designed to do. And if it’s not done and they break, that would be the worst thing that could happen. But I do think people feel like, So we were the sacrificial lamb for this situation but what does that mean for us?"

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Image: Michael Byers

7. On Houston's Freeways, Chaos Reigns

The other great unifier for Houstonians: experiencing (and reminiscing about) the insanity that occurs daily on our city's highways.

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8. As Floodwaters Rise, a Moment of Reckoning for Battleship Texas

"The USS Texas is the only surviving American combat vessel to have participated in both World Wars, as well as the only remaining dreadnought in the world. In the past decade, the battleship has experienced significant erosion and deterioration that will eventually become irreparable."

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9. Boom 92.1 Is Dead, Replaced by Radio Now

"Today, a few days into 2017, Boom 92′s short life has come to an ignominious end, replaced with little fanfare this evening at 6 p.m. by Radio Now, the type of bog-standard Top 40 format Houston has half-heartedly listened to in oil change waiting rooms for years. At the time of this writing, a Zayn Malik song featuring Taylor Swift is playing on the dial at 92.1 FM, one of the city’s few radio stations that had been Swift-free for the past two years."

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Image: Brian Goldman

10. Mayor Sylvester Turner Issues Statement on Immigration

"I know there are a lot of families and children who are afraid and worried right now about what might happen to them. I want them to know that Houston is, and always has been, a welcoming city, where we value and appreciate diversity."

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