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Houston, Get Excited: You'll Be Able to Recycle Plastic Bags and Glass Soon

Well, in about a year.

By Nicki Koetting January 10, 2018

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In about a year you can fill this with glass and plastic bags, y'all!

Houstonians, rejoice, for there is more good recycling news. Soon (but alas, not soon enough!) you’ll be able to recycle glass and plastic bags.

Today the Houston City Council approved a 15-year contract with FCC SA to process the city’s recyclables. The new contract will allow you to include the additional materials in your green curbside recycling containers in about 14 months, when the recycling company completes construction of a processing plant on the northeast side.

The city will pay FCC SA up to $36.8 million in those 15 years. However, if the value of recyclables on the global market shoots up, thus increasing the company’s profits, the city will pay less for the contract. It's worth noting that Houston's current contract with Waste Management doesn't have a cost cap.

“After considering proposals from competing recycling companies, we got the best deal for the city of Houston,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a press release. “The contract with FCC saves the taxpayers millions of dollars in recycling costs to the city. It expands the kinds of materials our Solid Waste Department will collect from curbsides once a week. It provides state-of-the-art technology that will be updated as we go along.

“It’s a win for Houstonians and the environment.”

We can’t wait.

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