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Register to Vote While You Still Can

The midterms are looming, but the cutoff for Harris County voter registration is even closer.

By Sandy Tang October 3, 2018

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The midterm elections are almost upon us. If you want to vote on November 6 and haven’t registered, you’d best get to it by October 9, the last day before the mandated registration cutoff in Harris County.

There are now more than 4.5 million residents in Harris County, but only about 2.2 million have registered to vote, according to the Harris County Voter Registration Division. And now there are just a few days left to actually get registered if you do want to vote in the upcoming elections.

While some states allow citizens to register right up to and on Election Day itself, Texas requires people to be registered 30 days before it’s time to cast your ballot at the polls. “Other states allow you to register the day of voting day, but Texas has to be registered at least 30 days before election. Preserve your right to vote come November,” Linda Cohn, president of League of Women Voters of Houston, said.

There’s still time though. Cohn recently witnessed more than 1,800 newly minted citizens being sworn in, and she enjoyed the fact that she knew all of them had registered to vote. People just joining this country are eager to practice one of the cardinal rights of their citizenship. Hopefully those lucky enough to be born here will also take the opportunity to do get set up to do so in this crucial election as well.

“Voting is the way we put our democracy in action. It’s the way we come together to make decisions and stand shoulder to shoulder on election and affirm that democracy is the most glorious form of government,” Cohn says. “They want to celebrate and participate in the election process.”

You can register to vote in person by hitting up a local voter registrar’s office or you can sign up online at Once you’re registered you don’t even have to wait for the polls to open on Election Day. Early voting starts on October 22. 

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