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6 Places That Have Wine Specials Right Now

Looking to expand that palate during your quarantine?

By Timothy Malcolm March 31, 2020

There's bad news everywhere, but if there's one bit of good news, it's that there's plenty of wine to be enjoyed right now.

Restaurants, bars, and wine merchants across the city are rolling out deals to get you to buy some bottles for home imbibing. Here are just a few of our favorites that we've scoped out: 

La Grande Rue: The Heights wine store has been selling wine at a 40-percent discount for more than a week. Find rare bottles like Melbury from Bond, a Napa Valley winery, for $540, or go the other way, and get a delicious and inexpensive cabernet sauvignon for about $30.

Camerata at Paulie's: The popular Montrose wine haunt is going up to 30 percent-off on wine-to-go. Scour the online menu for some great $30–50 bottles. Also, free delivery if you spend more than $50 and you live in the loop.

The Tasting Room: Head to either location of this wine cafe to get 50 percent-off every bottle at pick-up. Yup, that's right: 50 percent-off. Considering the Tasting Room's robust selection of wines ranging from $40–80, this is a steal.

Max's Wine Dive: All locations of the venerable wine bar and restaurant are selling bottles for 25 percent-off. Also, order two entrees and sides with two cookies for $40 and get a bottle of wine for free if you pick it all up.

Backstreet Cafe: Just follow sommelier and H Town Restaurant Group beverage director Sean Beck. He'll offer deals on rare bottles and put together boxes of wine bottles for followers. Also, nearly every day, he is hosting a little video program where he talks about a specific wine in his cellar.

The Burger Joint: Yup, it's not just burgers and milkshakes to think about here. At either location, get $15 bottles of wine during happy hour (3–6 p.m. Mon–Fri). Maybe grab one on a quick break and bring it to the virtual office happy hour?

Postino: I have to add this one late in the game. Going for a walk yesterday, I stopped at Postino to see if the Heights location was selling wine to-go, and it in fact was. You can get a bottle, any bottle, for $15 at Postino Heights. Four bottles are $55. Call in advance to place an order, or just walk up and ask - but, of course, distance yourself from others.

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