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How Grocery Stores Are Handling Mask Policy

We asked a few of the major local chains if they're enforcing the city order.

By Timothy Malcolm April 28, 2020

At most grocery stores across Houston, wearing a mask is encouraged.

As Monday was the first day all Houstonians were required to wear face masks while in public (Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday announced that local governments couldn't penalize people for not wearing masks in public), we've checked in with grocery stores to see if they're complying with and/or enforcing the city order.

Lisa Helfman, director of H-E-B Public Affairs, Houston, gave us this statement:

"H-E-B requires the use of masks or facial covering by all our customer facing and close contact Partners. We strongly recommend the use of masks or facial coverings by all our customers.

"The CDC, State of Texas, and local governments strongly recommend the use of masks or facial coverings in public spaces. Under our Texans Helping Texans motto, we all have the responsibility to keep each other and our families safe. Social distancing, wearing masks, proper hand washing, and sanitization are all things we should do to help Texans and to open the state as safely as possible."

A Whole Foods Market spokesperson says that market is continuing "to follow guidance from the CDC and various state and local health authorities, including local ordinances regarding personal protective equipment." 

Further, Whole Foods is requiring all workers to wear masks throughout the entirety of their shifts.

And according to a statement from Kroger, the store requires all associates (workers) to wear masks in all locations. Kroger has both provided masks to workers and allows them to bring in their own suitable masks and facial coverings. Kroger will also address on a case-by-case basis those who cannot wear a mask because of medical reasons and other circumstances.

Also, the store encourages "all our customers to wear a mask when they visit our stores."

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