For a brief moment Sunday morning, dark clouds made for an ominous sight over Houston (sort of like this one).

Chances are you're staying safely at home, quarantined to keep COVID-19 from entering your life. But if by chance you were thinking it was time to take a brisk 10-mile run along Buffalo Bayou ... just hold it right there.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for Harris County through 3 p.m. Sunday. A watch means that while a tornado is not immediately likely to form, people should probably stay alert and stay inside. Yup, something we know far too well by now.

With the twister watch came a severe thunderstorm warning for the morning; you may have seen this storm pound down as it quickly moved west to east across the city. For a few minutes, the sky over Houston was pretty ominous.

The NWS warned folks of "golf-ball sized hail," and sure enough people throughout the region were reporting falling Titleists and Callaways.

There's also an urban and small-stream flood advisory through 11:45 a.m. for Central Harris County. Locations that may experience flooding include Afton Oaks and River Oaks, the northwest area of the Greater Heights, much of Spring Branch, western Memorial Park, and Jersey Village, among others. Moreover, League City has a flood advisory in place through 11:15 a.m.

This all feels appropriate, as the Tax Day Flood, one of Houston's wettest days on record, was nearly three years ago to the day. While conditions today aren't likely to match that terrible event, this poor weather just means we'll have to entertain ourselves in the house.

Luckily, we're pretty much experts on that now.

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